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The Searle Center promotes high-quality teaching and learning at Northwestern.

We work with instructors to enhance their teaching and with undergraduates to enhance their learning.

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We also conduct research and evaluation on teaching and learning in higher education.

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Rebecca Diesing

Rebecca Diesing

Physics and Economics major, Class of 2017

An AMP Mentor, GSW Senior Mentor and PLUS Leader, Rebecca works with fellow undergraduates in physics, math, and economics courses. She is passionate about teaching, hoping to pursue a Ph.D. in physics and eventually become a professor. Outside of the Searle Center, Rebecca works as a research assistant, studying the galactic center at radio frequencies. She recently coauthored a paper on a magnetar near the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, published in Astrophysical Journal Letters.
Karen Chou

Karen Chou

Assistant Chair and Clinical Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Karen teaches in the Civil Engineering program at Northwestern, and has interests in both engineering research and engineering-education research. She has collaborated with the Searle Center on several projects, including an NSF-funded 3-D virtual steel connection sculpture she developed with her colleague Saeed Moaveni from Minnesota State University, Mankato. As part of this project, Karen worked with Searle to assess how interacting with the virtual sculpture impacts students’ learning about steel connections.