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Northwestern's HR Team Advances Institution's Academic Mission With Faculty Database
The Higher Education Workplace
Fall 2013

First Research Network for Women in STEM Launched
Northwestern University News Center
October 2, 2013

A Research Networking System for Women in STEM
September 30, 2013

Northwestern University’s HR FASIS Team Receives CUPA-HR’s HR Innovation Award
June 4, 2013

Tracing Scholarly Fingerprints: Powerful New Tool Connects the Dots to Northwestern Scholars and Collaborations
Northwestern University News Center
April 11, 2012

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Solar Fuels Institute uses Northwestern Scholars

Summer 2012

The Solar Fuels Institute (SOFI) is a new global consortium based out of Northwestern University that unites universities, government labs, and industry to turn sunlight into a commercial liquid fuel in 10 years.   SOFI aspires to deliver carbon-neutral, geopolitically-favorable fuels to mitigate climate change.  The challenges with a geographically distributed team, vast parameter space to explore in solar fuels research, and the infancy of the science/technology necessitate strategic focus on project management and digital tools for collaborative data sharing, data-driven decision making, and team building.  For that reason, SOFI is collaborating with Northwestern Scholars and Elsevier SciVal. Elsevier has generously created a dedicated SOFI instance, "SOFI Expert Team," that was demoed at the Launch Meeting in Telluride, CO in August 13-15, 2012.  SOFI hopes to continue the development partnership with Northwestern Scholars and Elsevier and stay at the forefront of research networking and expertise mapping.