Select Features

New and updated features are rolled out to Northwestern Scholars on a regular basis.  One of the more useful select features includes:

Graduate program memberships for faculty

  • Graduate program directors can record and store the names of faculty members affiliated with their PhD and MFA graduate programs in the central HR FASIS system, which is used by Northwestern Scholars
  • Graduate program affiliations appear in a faculty member's Northwestern Scholars profile
  • Each PhD and MFA graduate program's faculty listing is available via searching for the the graduate program or browsing for it on the Northwestern Scholars Organizations page
  • Learn more about the the Graduate Program Memberships feature

Publications Query & Reporting

  • Northwestern Scholars now is on a new technology platform called "Pure", which includes a reporting function.  Currently only the Northwestern Scholars team can access to tool, but it will be made available for use by schools and central units in the coming months.  For more information, contact Ruth Allee, Director, Northwestern Scholars.