Evacuation Personnel Duties

If there are not enough personnel to fill all the roles, roles may be doubled where appropriate. If funds allow, Evacuation Personnel should be equipped with armbands or vest to indicate they are Evacuation Personnel and a flashlight to aid if the power has failed. Evacuation personnel should never be placed in imminent danger.

Departments should consider appointing an alternate to take the place of each position if that person is not present at the time of the event.

Evacuation Warden

  1. Supervise assembly of Evacuation Personnel in the area.
  2. All Searchers check in with Evacuation Warden to report "all clear" or problems.
  3. Report to the Command Center, if areas were unable to be searched due to lack of personnel.
  4. Ensures all people from the area proceed to the designated meeting place to check in and wait for "all clear" to re-enter the building. "All Clear" will come from the Command Center or University Police.
  5. Reports any and all problems to the Command Center. Command Center will be Fire Department vehicle with a green flashing light.


  1. May be more than one depending on the size of the Area to be searched. Area should be searchable in 3 minutes or less.
  2. Check all rooms including rest rooms, conference rooms and remote areas, closing doors behind them.
  3. Advise any remaining employees or other persons on the floor about the emergency and the requirement to evacuate.
  4. Notify Elevator Monitor and Stairwell Monitor that the floor is "clear" and proceed out of the building.
  5. Report any persons refusing to leave or problems to the Evacuation Warden.

Stairwell Monitor

  1. Inspect the assigned stairwell exit for possible heat and smoke conditions to ensure safe evacuation by that stairwell.
  2. Assist in the orderly evacuation of people down the stairwell.
  3. Instruct people to form single file lines into the stairwell, direct them to exit along the right side of the stairwell, and encourage calm evacuation.
  4. Library or secured areas: Discourage people form taking library items with them. Personal belongings only.
  5. Stay at the designated stairwell post until "cleared" by Searcher.
  6. Report any and all problems to the Evacuation Warden.

Elevator Monitor

  1. Make sure no one uses the elevator.
  2. Direct people to the nearest stairway.
  3. Stay at the designated elevator post until "cleared" by Searcher.
  4. Report any and all problems to the Evacuation Warden.

Handicapped Aide

  1. Assist any physically handicapped individuals into the stairwell or other predetermined area of refuge.
  2. Report to the Evacuation Warden the location of the handicapped individual so that the Evacuation Warden can inform the Command Center.