Billing, Cancellations & Refunds: Risk Management - Northwestern University

Premiums for Visiting Scholar Plan are billed to the host department. The chart string to be utilized for this purpose must be listed on the Visiting Scholar Plan Application when submitted. Departments may designate only operating or discretionary accounts for Visiting Scholar Plan expenses. Sponsored accounts cannot be used.

Billing will be either for (a) the period of time from the date the scholar arrives to the date his or her University benefits commence, (b) the entire period of coverage, or (c) the balance of the fiscal year. When a scholar's stay bridges two or more fiscal years, billing for each fiscal year will take place in September.

The Office of Risk Management cannot accept payment from the scholar. However, many departments pass the cost of coverage on to the visitor and, at the department's discretion, charge the scholar on a monthly or quarterly basis.

See Plan Information for rates.

Cancellations & Refunds

The Visiting Scholar Plan is intended for international visiting scholars who are unable to secure adequate health insurance from an outside source, not as a means to expedite the visa application process. Incoming visitors who will be providing their own insurance are encouraged to submit their policy information as early as possible to avoid application delays. See Waiver Process for more information.

Waiver requests may be filed at any time prior to arrival. However, a $50 penalty will be charged if the waiver request is granted after coverage through the Visiting Scholar Plan has been established.

Refund of pre-paid premium is made only in the following instances:

Refund of pre-paid premium will NOT be made in the following instances: