Enrollment Procedure: Risk Management - Northwestern University

To enroll:

Within moments of enrollment, travelers will receive a confirming email from HTH, which will include a printable ID card.

Don't forget to register at the HTH Students site once you receive your Certificate Number from HTH (it will be on your ID card). You'll receive free access to valuable web tools to help you keep track of your insurance plan and stay healthy and safe during your international study program. By registering, you can use the HTH Students site to:

Please note that HTH coverage is not designed to substitute for any domestic health plan in which a student or employee is enrolled. Rather, it is meant to be supplemental to a domestic health plan, and it only provides coverage for a student/employee when s/he is outside the United States. Because HTH does not provide coverage for students/employees who return to the United States, it is essential that domestic health plans that do provide such coverage in the U.S. remain in effect.

Questions? Contact julie.friend@northwestern.edu