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Coverage Selection Form

Students must fill out the coverage selection form found on CAESAR to enroll in Student Health Insurance.

  • Login to your CAESAR account using your Northwestern University Net ID.
  • From the Enterprise Menu on the left, select For Students ==> Health Coverage Plan, then complete and submit.
  • If you are unable to access the documents using this step try: For Applicants ==> Health Coverage Plan.
  • Once you have submitted your Web-based Coverage Selection Form, you should receive a confirmation for your record via email. After October 1, 2013, students registered for fall quarter will not be able to complete the web-based Coverage Selection Form. Only new entering students for the Winter and Spring Quarters can go online to complete a Coverage Selection Form during open enrollment each quarter. Summer Quarter students must complete and submit a hard copy of the form.

NOTE: Please refer to the corresponding section below if you are:

Failure to complete the online Coverage Selection Form (pdf) will result in automatic enrollment in the NU Plan. Once your student account has been charged for the insurance, you will not be able to cancel the plan until the following academic year.

Physical therapy / prosthetics-orthotics, physician assistant and new summer quarter students

Physical Therapy / Prosthetics-Orthotics / Physician Assistant and New Summer Quarter Students cannot enroll via the online form. A hard copy of the Coverage Selection Form (see above) must be submitted to the Insurance Office. However, in some cases it may be that a part time application is required. Please contact the Insurance Office for more information.

Part-time students

Part-Time, Half-Time, School of Continuing Studies and students from the Garrett Evangelical Seminary and Seabury Western Seminary may enroll in the insurance on a voluntary basis. Part-Time and Half Time students may fill out the part-time application (pdf). After completing the application, these students must submit payment by check to the Insurance Office. Garrett and Seabury students must enroll through their school administrator.

Incoming international students

For the Academic Year 2013 - 2014 you are required to take the NU/Aetna Plan and will be automatically enrolled. Only International Students who will be studying in their home country the entire Academic Year or who are on the NU Qatar Campus are exempt from this requirement.

Early arrivals

Some student's academic year begins before September 1st. Coverage is available at a cost of $7.79 per day for the Academic Year 2013 – 2014. Applications for early arrival are available at the Insurance Office or on the early arrival application (pdf). In addition, students who arrive early must also complete the web-based Coverage Selection Form (see top of page) by the indicated due date to either enroll in or waive out of the Aetna Student Health Plan effective September 1, 2013.