Risk Management Plan: Risk Management - Northwestern University

All student film productions must fill out a Risk Management Plan (RMP) form. Students must include, but not limit their explanation to, the following information. Northwestern requires this information from the student before the student can obtain film insurance from Northwestern. Upon completing the form, students must E-mail the form to their Advisor/Instructor for approval. However, providing this information is not a guaranty that Northwestern will provide insurance for the film project. Projects considered inherently dangerous will not be covered. Sections 5-16 must be filled out as many times as needed for scene, location, vendor, equipment, and vehicle changes to produce the film.

RMP Approval and Issuing Certificates of Insurance

The students' Advisor/Instructor will forward the RMP by E-mail to the Office of Risk Management. (For assistance contact Leland Roth:risk@northwestern.edu ) or fax supporting information to 847-467-7475. Plans not forwarded by the Advisor/Instructor will not be processed. All students identified in Section 1 of the RMP will be contacted by E-Mail and must reply that they sign off on the plan. The students must reply back to Risk Management acknowledging that they have read, understand and agree to adhere to the risk control measures that have been identified in the RMP. Risk Management will contact the students and let them know how much they owe for equipment coverage and when they can pick their certificates of insurance.

Questions should be forwarded to Leland Roth at (847) 491-4334 or risk@northwestern.edu.