Unique Property Insurance

Two lines of property insurance require special attention.

Fine Arts Insurance is provided for works of art, rare books, musical instruments and other objects of exceptional value. To be properly insured, full disclosure is required of these items including descriptions and detailed valuations (that may include department funded appraisals). Because there is significant turnover of these items (many are donated and quickly sold), tracking and insuring them is an ongoing challenge. It is the responsibility of the department in possession of fine arts to notify the Office of Risk Management so that coverage can be triggered. For further information regarding Fine Arts Insurance, please contact the Office of Risk Management.

Builder's Risk Insurance is provided for renovation and construction projects. Project Managers must notify the Office of Risk Management prior to commencement of the project to obtain appropriate coverage.

For additional information, please contact Leland Roth, Assistant Director of Risk Management, at 847.491.4334 or l-roth@northwestern.edu.