Guide for Registering

  • Using Firefox or Internet Explorer (some features do not work with Safari), go to
  • Log on to the Members Login (top right of the homepage) by entering Northwestern's group account number (11BCAS000003)
  • Click on "Print Card" on the right side of the page; be sure to carry the SOS wallet card with you at all times
  • After printing the card, click on the Personal Travel Locator button
  • Register by clicking on "New User? Register Here"
  • After registering, you'll receive a message stating that your Personal Travel Locator has been created. You can log into this Personal Travel Locator at any time to add travel itineraries and update your profile

Northwestern strongly recommends students participating in international educational activities facilitated, sponsored, endorsed, or administered by the University (including, but not limited to study abroad programs), to create a Personal Travel Locator so that important information is available to International SOS and Northwestern on-call staff, should students need to be located in a crisis or emergency.

Travelers have the option to sign up for medical and/or security email alerts by logging on and signing up. Medical alerts are issued when there is an unusual health risk that, in the opinion of the SOS medical staff, may negatively impact travelers or expatriates visiting a country. Security alerts are issued when SOS security professionals have identified a security risk in a specific country.

Remember to carry the SOS wallet card with you at all times when you are abroad!