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Non-Resident Membership

Northwestern students who do not live in a residential college can still participate in the residential college program by becoming a dues-paying "non-resident" member. Non-resident members are members of the residential college but do not live in the building -- they may live in a residence hall, another residential college, off-campus apartments, or commute from home.

Residential colleges inform non-resident members about upcoming residential college (RC) events with periodic e-mail messages. Besides taking advantage of the residential college activities, the non-resident member may be eligible for housing in that college for the subsequent year. Each RC maintains a "point system" that rewards participation in RC activities, and a certain number of points is necessary to be eligible for RC housing. The non-resident member should review his/her residential college's constitution and point system on this matter and contact the respective Points Officer if he/she is interested in living "in-house." Students must have turned in their application to the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives and been accepted by the college before any points may be earned.

If you are interested in non-resident membership, go to the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives at 2122 Sheridan, Room 120, Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm.

Non-Resident applications for 2014-2015 will be available when classes start in the fall.

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