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Student Office Directory, 2014-15

Residential College Board

Kyle Taylor President
Bethany Mueller VP for Academic Affairs
Leanne Friedrich VP for Public Relations
Thomas Lee VP for Philanthropy
Kai Huang VP for Financial Affairs
Philip Hawkyard VP for Inter-college Relations
Colin Repetti
VP for Social Affairs

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Ayers College of Commerce & Industry

Alden Leader President
Rachel Lin Vice President
Timothy Huang Secretary
Spencer Oh Treasurer
Christie Jeung Academic Affairs
Dan Sagerman University Relations
Miranda Leon Philanthropy
Michael Chin Social Chair
Jiham Lee Internal Affairs
Jessie Kang Corporate Affairs                                       
Brennan Antone Tech Chair

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College of Cultural and Community Studies

Lauren Thomas Secretary
Ivy Zheng Treasurer
Omar Shanti VPCommunity Engagement
Angela Hosbein VP Programming
Zaayer Merchant VP Faculty Relations

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Communications Residential College

Gabriella Romagnoli President
Kayla Griffith Vice President
Jaclyn Zhou Secretary
Axel Boada Secretary
Colin Repetti Treasurer
Jack Birdsall Academic Chair
Sam Osburn Academic Chair
Alison Pelczar Philanthropy Chair
Asli Salihoglu Philanthrophy Chair
Jahmeelay Jean-Leger Social Chair
Reedhima Mandlik Social Chair
Kaylah Sosa Social Chair
Karthik Srinivasan Social Chair
Sang Hee Kim Tech Chair
Lukas Gladic Tech Chair

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Humanities Residential College

Mark Ficken President
Noah Perkins Vice President
Rosalie Chan Treasurer
Katherine Stein Academic Chair
Meredith Shadle Social Chair
Beatrice Hagney Social Chair  
Katherine Cha Philanthropy Chair
Dominique Mejia IM Chair
Gordon Burkhart Secretary  

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International Studies Residential College

Esteban Doyle President
Rohan Prakash Vice President
Mehreen Itret Secretary
Lucy Kalar Treasurer
Dalit Hendel Academic Chair
Coretta Lemaitre Fellows Chair
Tim Suh Alumni Chair
Ellen Goff Philanthropy Chair
Paul Kim Social Chair
Gabby DiLullo Facilities Chair
Kylee Grant Eco Chair

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Jones Residential College

Sally Hausken President
Abby Durgan Vice President
Amanda Hermans Treasurer
Ben Hwang Programming Director
Pratap Jayaram Technical Director
Zoe Call Communication Director
Scott Brown Philanthropy
Sam Shankman Artistic Director
Aditi Bhandari Historian 
Dan Stompor Academic Director

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Public Affairs Residential College

Jacob Pope President
Martin French Vice President
Eric Li Secretary
Junru Yan Treasurer
Kaley Wendorf Academic Chair
Mathew Li Academic Chair
Brittany Bair Sustainability Chair
Brenda Pena Sustainability Chair
John Beers Social Chair
Conner Steines Social Chair
Zachary Elvove Historian
Hayley Landman Philanthropy Chair
Madeline Maxwell Philanthropy Chair
Brenden Rolens IM Chair

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Shepard Residential College

Marissa Hastings President
Phillip Trautlein Vice President
Aaron Karp Treasurer
Andrea Zuleta Secretary
Timothy Bueckman Social Chair
Isaac Frankel Academic Chair
Aidan Manaligod Philanthropy Chair
Austin Busch Faculty Chair
Kapil Garg Tech Chair
Connor Lantz Alumni Chair

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Slivka College of Science and Engineering

Abby Turay President
Austin Dickey Internal Affairs
Evan Rosati Financial Affairs
Kara Ferracuti Academic Chair
Alek Jansen Faculty Chair
Miriam Mikhelson Social Chair
Aayush Gupta Philanthropy Chair
Brian Capella Publications Director
Emily Berson Facilities Director
Pooja Saxena IT Director

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Willard Residential College

Aidan McLoughlin President
Katharine Krchnavy Vice President
Morgan Kinney Treasurer
Justin Farmer Secretary
Emily Fox Social Chair
Vaishali Mehta Social Chair
Megan Behnke Academic Chair
Jeffrey Frankel Academic Chair
Jane Castro Fireside Chair
Gauri Rangrass Fireside Chair
Madeleine Kenyon Philanthropy Chair

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Women's Residential College (Hobart)

Katherine Lee President
Kaitland Postley Vice President
Baani Singh Treasurer
Ken-Terika Zellner Beautification Chair 
Anna Duban Secretary
Tess Warzyn Fellows Chair
Guadalupe Olivares Social Chair
Elizabeth Cerabona Social Chair 
Morgan Markel Eco Rep 

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Last updated: August 13, 2014

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