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Master Staff Directory, 2014-2015


Ayers College of Commerce and Industry

Name Position Department
Sara C. Broaders Master Psychology
Mike Smutko Associate Master

Physics & Astronomy

Lauren Beck Assistant Master Theatre


College of Cultural and Community Studies

Name Position Department
David Rapp Master

Education & Social Policy/Psychology

Christina Russin Associate Master

Biological Sciences

Sean Lee Assistant Master Political Science


Humanities Residential College (Chapin)

Name Position Department
Susan Lee Master Dance
Allen Lentino Assoc. Master Undergraduate Admissions
Jessica Biddlestone Assistant Master History


Communications Residential College

Name Position Department
Roger Boye Master Journalism
Sarahmaria Gomez Associate Master


Charles Whitaker Associate Master


Genevieve Amaral Assistant Master Comparative Literature


International Studies Residential College

Name Position Department
Alec Klein Master Journalism
Erin Waxenbaum Associate Master Anthropology
Jen Guo Assistant Master Psychology


Jones Fine Arts Residential College

Public Affairs Residential College

Name Position Department
Lane Fenrich Master WCAS Administration/History
Associate Master
Chris Sardo Assistant Master History


Shepard Residential College

Name Position Department
David Uttal Master Psychology/Education & Social Policy
Larry Birnbaum Associate Master Electrical Eng & Computer Science
Elliot Mercer Assistant Master Theatre

Slivka College of Science and Engineering

Name Position Department
Wesley Burghardt Master

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Kathleen Carmichael Associate Master

Writing Program

Hayley Belli Assistant Master

Biomedical Engineering

Willard Residential College

Name Position Department
Gary Saul Morson Master Slavic Language & Literature
Christine Helmer Associate Master

Religious Studies

Gozde Erdeniz Assistant Master Political Science

Women's Residential College

Name Position Department
Michelle Wright Master African American Studies
Marcela Di Blasi
Associate Master Writing Program
Jennifer Hobbs Assistant Master Physics


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