Spaces & Room Reservations


RSL Social Hall (Parkes 122)

Lounge Parkes Hall

RSL Lounge and Conference Room (Parkes 120)


RSL Oratory (Parkes 202)

Multi-Belief Space

Multi-Belief Space (Parkes 204)

Choir Room

Choir Room (Parkes 034)

We welcome all regardless of any or no faith tradition to experience our spaces and resources as a welcome respite from the busy pace of our university campus.  

All of our Religious & Spiritual Life rooms are available at no cost for all religious & spiritual practices and meetings. The rooms are available to rent for any Northwestern department, student, staff or external client. Please note, a setup and cleanup of 30 minutes before and after each event is required.

Requesting Space in Millar & Parkes Hall

Current Northwestern students, faculty, and staff

  1. Visit Event Management System  to reserve Religious & Spiritual Life Spaces
  2. Visit 25live to reserve the 2nd floor classrooms in Parkes Hall

External Clients

Complete the appropriate Event Request Form
  1. Wedding Request Form
  2. Memorial Service Request Form
  3. External Event Request Form

General Information and Rental Rates:

  1. Alice Millar Wedding Information
  2. Room Chart with Rental Cost (PDF)

Review our Reservation & Room Use Policies

  1. Alice Millar Chapel (PDF)
  2. Jeanne Vail Chapel (PDF)
  3. Parkes 122 (Social Hall) (PDF)
  4. Parkes 125 (Catering Kitchen) (PDF)
  5. Parkes 034 (Choir Room) (PDF), PKS034 Chair Layout (PDF)
  6. Parkes 120 (Meeting Room) (PDF) 

Spiritual Spaces on Campus

  • Parkes Hall 204, Multi-Belief Space (South Campus)
  • Millar Chapel (South Campus)
  • Vail Meditation Chapel (South Campus)
  • Parkes Hall, "Islamic Prayer Room" #144 (South Campus)
  • Norris Student Center, Norris Basement, Prayer Room (South Campus)
  • Multi-Cultural Center, 3rd Floor Meditation Room (Mid Campus)
  • Sheppard Hall, Lower Level Meditation Room (South Campus)
  • Shakespeare Garden, (North Campus)
  • Frank W. Howes Memorial Chapel, (North Campus)
  • Lakefill, (South Campus)

For questions regarding any of these spaces please contact