Policy Regarding Evaluative Authority Over Faculty or Staff

Policy Statement

No faculty member may have evaluative authority in such matters as employment, compensation, promotion, or termination over another faculty member or an employee, who is the faculty member's spouse, domestic partner, relative or an individual with whom the faculty member is having or has recently concluded a sexual relationship. For purposes of this policy, a relative is a blood relation, in-law, step or adoptive relative, as close as or closer than nephew or niece.

When a situation occurs that potentially violates this policy, the faculty member with evaluative authority must report the relationship to his or her department chair, dean, the Department of Human Resources or the University Provost. If the person to whom the relationship is reported determines that such action is necessary, it is the responsibility of both the faculty member with the evaluative authority and the individual to whom the relationship is reported to ensure that the evaluative authority is reassigned. If this is not feasible in a particular instance, the faculty member and the individual to whom the relationship is reported must bring the matter to the attention of the Provost or the Associate Vice President of Human Resources. Failure to report a relationship is a violation of the policy.

Responsible Office: Office of the Provost

Who Needs to Know This Policy: All Northwestern faculty members

Contacts: If you have any questions on this Policy, contact facultyrecords@northwestern.edu.

Dated: May, 2013