2012 Program

During the course of academic year 2013, Northwestern University’s Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellows published articles or were featured in radio or online news segments 150 times, and over 80 of these were in OpEd pieces in major news outlets such as The New York Times, The Atlantic Monthly, Al Jazeera, and CNN. A short video was made to illustrate the impact of the Program upon our faculty and to showcase their extraordinary success as thought leaders. Congratulations to our 2012 Fellows!

group photo of public voices fellowship

Publications by Northwestern University's 2012 Fellows

Amer Aldeen, emergency medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine

is featured on WBEZ's Morning Shift: A Call for Different Voices
on a medical timeout in the Australian Open: Choker or Champion?
Don't Be Afraid to Save a Life

Geraldo Cadava, history, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

The GOP Needs a Hispanic Takeover
Reflections on Publishing His First Op-Ed Piece
Immigrants Are Also Neighbors

Jennifer Chan, emergency medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine

quoted in Humanitarian Assistance at the Crossroads
on a panel for Crowdsourcing for Creativity & Human Potential
appeared on the Kojo Nnamdi Show regarding crowd sourcing
To Honor Aaron Swartz, Let Knowledge Go Free
How To Make Crowdsourcing Disaster Relief Work Better
Carolyn Chen, sociology and Asian American Studies, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
on a panel discussing Discrimination Against Asians in College Admissions
Asians: Too Smart For their Their Own Good?
Reflections on the Impact of the NYT Article
Charlotte Crane, School of Law
Can I Bring My Kids? I Never Asked
is thanked as a source in Taxing One's Enemies
quoted in More Americans Think Uncle Sam Unfair on Taxes
How the 100-Year Old Income Tax Unleashed the Modern U.S. Economy
quoted in A Brief History of the Income Tax
on Chicago Tonight about Reforming the Tax Code
on the prospect of a Corporate Tax Disclosure Bill

Jaime Dominguez, Latino studies and political science, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Latino High School Grads Entering College at Record Rate
Latino Voices Are Missing in the U.S. Media
A Sleeping Giant No Longer
Reflections on the First Convening

Elizabeth Gerber, mechanical engineering, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

quoted in Scientists Experiment With Crowdfunding
Design for America: A Network of Students and Designers Solving Real-World Challenges
4 Daily Habits of Game-Changing Social Innovators
Does Crowdfunding Fail Some of the Most Promising Entrepreneurs?
Why Do People Give on Crowdfunding Sites?
named one of the top 100 Public Interest Design Influencers
STEM Students Must Be Taught to Fail

Ruchi Gupta, pediatrics and Institute for Healthcare Studies, Feinberg School of Medicine

Can I Bring My Kids? I Asked
quoted in Food Allergies Are Outgrown By More Than 1 in 4 Kids
on a panel discussing Kids and Food Allergies
There's Such a Thing as 'Too Clean'
Getting Rid of the Food Allergy Fear Factor
on WGN news segment: Food Allergy Information
Food Allergy Knowledge: A Work in Progress
Navigating the Holidays With Food Allergies
How to Ensure No Schoolchild Dies of an Allergy Attack
Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, political science, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
The Dangerous Illusion of an Alawite Regime
What's Wrong With Promoting Religious Freedom?
Stop Trying to Make Syria's War Into a Sectarian Conflict
quoted in a French magazine, LaPresse
Muslims Need Not Apply
quoted in a NYT Opinion piece, One Nation Under God?

Namratha Kandula, general medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine

The 'American Dream' May be Bad for Your Health
on WBEZ's Afternoon Shift: Ethnic Communities and Preventative Medicine
blogs about her experience as part of a panel of South Asian Women on WBEZ
America Has to Tackle its Suicide Problem
The Patient Explanatory Model
What's Really Making Americans Sick?
Practicing Bad Medicine
Sunny Young Kim, management and organizations, Kellogg School of Management
Corporate Diversity is Linked to Ethical Behavior
Leslie McCall, sociology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
research is referenced in How Income Inequality Hurts America
referenced in Progress at Work, But Mothers Still Pay a Price
American Aren't Naive About Income Inequality

Mary Mulcahy, hematology/oncology, Feinberg School of Medicine

interviewed about her new website, LifeMattersMedia, in Two Web Sites to Visit
When Fighting Cancer Isn't Worth It
Mandela Shows Us the Language of Dying Needs to Change
Racial Disparities and Inequities in Life and Death
Know Your Heart and Your Pacemaker Now and Forever
blogs about publishing Two Op-Eds in Two Weeks
Advance Care Planning Affects the Smallest and Biggest Decisions
Planning for the Inevitable: Taking Time for End-of-Life Decisions

Laura Beth Nielsen, sociology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Facebook Is Not the Government - Here's the Difference
on the Boston Marathon bombing in Terrorism and Miranda
quoted in Is the Word 'Terror' Losing Its Punch?
What is Terrorism?
on Skateboarding Laws
From Protest to Op-Ed
The Price of A Civilized Society for Workers
Democracy at Stake

Puneet Opal, neurology, Feinberg School of Medicine

Don't Let the Dream of Open Access Journals Die
The Danger of Making Science Political
How the Fiscal Cliff Could Cripple Research Enterprise

Diane Whitmore  Schanzenbach, human development and social policy, School of Education and Social Policy

research on "Redshirting", or delaying entrance to kindergarten, is referenced in the New Yorker
research on the Food Stamp Program is referenced in the New York Times
research on Universal Pre-K is reported on in the Wall Street Journal
co-author of The Safety Net: An Investment In Kids
Proposals to Ban Purchase of Sugary Drink With Food Stamps Won't Work
quoted in How Cuts to Food Stamps Threaten Children's Health
on Chicago Tonight's School Closings Analysis
Moving Forward in the Wake of Chicago School Closings
in a podcast: Chicago and Baltimore: Two Cities Facing Tough Decisions on Education
interviewed in How Pre-K Education is Related to Income Level
her piece on cancer clusters near St. Louis was picked up by Kaiser Health News
Missouri Department of Health Cancer Study Surveyed the Wrong People
The Case For Saving Head Start
Naming a Child Policy Czar
quoted in How Children Could Suffer From a Weaker Safety Net

Miriam Gamoran Sherin, learning sciences, School of Education and Social Policy

The Lessons From Boston: What Video Can and Cannot Do
her new book, Mathematics Teacher Noticing, wins award
109 Ways to Celebrate Math Lessons From Dr. Seuss
blogs about School Report Cards During the Holidays
TV Is All in the Family
Reflections on the Fellows First Convening

Jacqueline Stewart, radio/TV/film, School of Communication

Young, Black & Nominated: Enough?

Christina Traina, religious studies, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Blackmail or Corruption? Catholics Respond to the Vatican's 'Gay Lobby'
Abortion in the US: Agreeing to Agree
Violence Against Women Act and the U.S. Catholic Bishops
Why Catholics Should Support Marriage Equality
What Kind of Pope do Roman Catholics Need?
Politics and the Pulpit: Cardinal George and the Lame Duck Session
Obama, Strengthen Rules on Child Farm Labor
Stigmatizing Mental Illness
Social Justice For Some? Understanding the US Catholic Political Bloc

Celeste Watkins-Hayes, African American studies and sociology, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

quoted in Do Non-White Americans Pay a 'Respectability Tax'?
The Supreme Court's Critical Call on Prostitution and HIV
All Women Need Financial Protection
quoted in American Public Media's Marketplace: Show Us Your Safety Net
No More Working at Home: Is it the End of the Smart Mom?
Ending the AIDS Epidemic

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