Northwestern Emeriti Organization

The Northwestern Emeriti Organization (NEO) was founded in 2001 with support of the Office of the Provost to further the social and professional life of its emeritus community and to continue benefiting from their abilities and knowledge in the University. (NEO maintains contact with the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education and the Big Ten Retirement Association.)

The Emeritus News

The Emeritus News is published quarterly on the web, and emeriti faculty are notified by email when a new issue is available.  Interim news is presented in the blog to which you can subscribe and select your categories of interest.  Our Editorial Board welcomes your input and contributions. 


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Bimonthly Luncheons

NEO members gather for lunch at 12:00 PM on the first Wednesday in even-numbered months. These lunches are currently held at Prairie Moon Restaurant, 1502 Sherman Avenue, Evanston.  The cost is $15 per person (cash only), which includes a three-course buffet and non-alcoholic beverages.  Luncheons are subsidized in part by the Provost's office.

Note:  Lunch on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, will be held at the Allen Center on the Evanston Campus in the Park Dining Room from 1:00-2:30 p.m. Provost Dan Linzer will speak. The cost as usual is $15 per person with advance reservations required.

Thrice-Yearly Dinners

Each academic quarter features a dinner or luncheon for NEO members and invited spouses, partners, or friends followed by a program of learning or entertainment, usually by a member of Northwestern's rich community of scholars, teachers, and performers. Dinners are subsidized in part by the Provost's office.  Program for 2015-16:

November 4, 2015 (dinner, 6:00 p.m.)
Guest speaker Rives Collins, Associate Professor of Theatre.  His topic will be "Storytelling:  An Ancient Art Reborn." Monastero's Ristorante, Garden Room, 3935 Devon Avenue, Chicago. Cost per person is $20.

TBD (dinner, 6:00 p.m.)
TBD (dinner, 6:00 p.m.)


The Faculty Handbook contains a comprehensive section on retirement procedures and eligibility for appointment to emeritus status.

Briefly, faculty members who retire at age 55 or later after at least ten years of continuous service on the Northwestern faculty are eligible for appointment to emeritus status. However, the appointments require the recommendation of the school dean, endorsement by the Provost, and approval of the Board of Trustees. See the handbook statement for more information.

In 2015, twenty-two faculty members and two NU librarians were appointed to emeritus status (see a list of all emeriti designated). NEO has more than 550 members. About 70% of NEO members still live in Illinois (greater Chicago area) and about 40% of those in Evanston. (See graphs of NEO members as of 2012.)

Membership in NEO, moreover, extends as well to retired professional staff who performed a core academic function (e.g., librarians) and retired senior administrative staff subject to a vote by NEO's Executive Council. (See NEO's Charter for more information.)


NEO Officers

As specified in its Charter, NEO's administrative functions are discharged by an elected President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. NEO is governed by an Executive Council consisting of the three administrative officers, the immediate past President, and six other council members elected to staggered two-year terms. (See the current and past NEO officers.)

The NEO president for 2015-16 is Allan Drebin, Vice-President is Jeremy Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer is Daniel Garrison. The Executive Council consists of Adele Combs, Melvin Gerbie, George Harmon, David Stumpf, Vera Teixeira, and Alvin Telser. Fred Hemke serves on the Executive Council as immediate Past President. The Provost, Daniel Linzer, is a member ex-officio.

NEO has representation in the Faculty Senate:  Its delegate, Daniel Garrison, is a full voting member and serves as the Secretary of the Senate. Malcolm Hast is the alternate delegate.

Emeriti Directory

A directory of emeriti is distributed annually via email for the benefit of Northwestern University emeriti and to facilitate the goals of the Northwestern Emeriti Organization.  The directory is published in three different formats for ease of reference:  By Name; By Geographic Location by Name; and By Primary Northwestern School/Department by Name.

Updates of Emeriti Information

Emeriti wishing to provide updates to their contact information with the University may email; visit the NU HR Self Service Portal at with a NetID and password; or submit a Personal Data Form to NU Human Resources (available at

Benefits and Practical Information for Emeritus Faculty

The section on benefits and practical information for emeritus faculty contains information regarding benefits available to emeriti. All retirees, however, may have access to some of these benefits.