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Northwestern University

Documenting the Search

Northwestern's Faculty Search Guidelines require departments and schools to assemble and maintain records of faculty searches, including pre-search approval documentation, correspondence between the department and the dean, advertisements and notices, documentation of the committee’s outreach efforts, applications and supporting materials, interview notes, follow-up correspondence and notes relating to the candidates, written evaluations of the candidate’s work, and finalist lists. 

Committees should retain all such materials for at least three years, whether or not a formal offer was made. Pre-search approval documentation, the Faculty Search Guidelines Summary Form, and copies of the position announcement will be automatically archived by the MyHR system for at least ten years.

If a school hires a non-U.S. citizen or permanent resident, it will need to be able to produce documentation (photocopies or computer print-outs of actual advertisements posted, records of interviews conducted, application materials submitted, etc.) demonstrating that the search complied with federal law.

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