Faculty Governance and Advising

The Northwestern University Faculty Senate is the elected and representative body of the faculty. It shall consider, make recommendations, and pass resolutions concerning matters of general university interest, including all educational and research endeavors, hiring policy, the tenure and promotion system, and campus life. The Faculty Senate will strive to protect academic freedom, promote excellence, equity, and diversity within the faculty and student body, and advance the general welfare of the university as a whole.

Established in 2010, the Faculty Ombuds Program provides a resource for faculty in resolving concerns regarding the work environment that have not been addressed through regular channels. It is in no way meant to replace the existing structures of grievance resolution.

Faculty Appeals Committee: These Guidelines (23K) govern appeals to the University Faculty Appeals Committee of a decision by a Northwestern University School or College not to recommend a faculty member for reappointment and/or promotion and/or tenure.  This Committee was formerly known as the University Faculty Reappointment Promotion Tenure Dismissal Appeals Panel (UFRPTDAP).

Organization of Women Faculty: An advocacy group and a networking resource for women faculty at Northwestern.

Medical Women Faculty Organization: MWFO identifies, defines and studies issues that are relevant to women faculty within the Medical School.