Guide for New Faculty

Getting Started
Creating a Human Resources Record Library Services
Completing the Employment Eligibility Form (I9) Ordering Textbooks
Obtaining Your WildCARD Housing
Setting Up Your NetID and Email Assistance with Home Purchase
Benefits Enrollment First Northern Credit Union
University Directory, Address and Name Change Employment Assistance for Faculty Spouses/Partners
Campus Maps and Parking Options Family-Friendly Benefits
Other Campus Transportation Options International Faculty
Airport Transportation Ethics and Compliance
Getting Connected
Faculty Senate and University Committees Residential Colleges Program
Campus Newspapers Office of Fellowships
PlanIt Purple Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching
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University Circle Dealing with Student Problems
Organization of Women Faculty Research Support
Phi Beta Kappa Corporate Relations/Foundation Relations
Demographics on Undergraduate Students Information Technology and Computing
University Service and Activities
Food Services on Campus Campus Fitness and Recreational Facilities
University Services Musical Activities
Travel Services Northwestern Theatre Tickets
Facilities Management Athletics Tickets
Office of Sustainability
City Information
Area Schools Driver’s License and License Plates
Cultural Events Vehicle Registration
Public Transportation

Users are urged to consult the relevant offices to confirm the information provided in this Guide.

I. Getting Started

Creating a Human Resources Record

Your first step on campus should be to complete the steps necessary to establish a record for yourself in the Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS).  To be entered into FASIS, you must first complete Section 1 of the I-9 employment eligibility form online. Then complete the following documents: 1) a Personal Data Form with your demographic information; 2) your Federal W-4 and State W-4 tax forms; and 3) your Direct Deposit Form if you would like your paychecks electronically deposited into your account(s).  Your department will submit these forms, along with a Position/Appointment Form, to the Payroll Office. No later than three days after the beginning of your appointment, you must present employment eligibility document(s) to your department or the Payroll Office to complete Section 2 of the I-9.  It will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for the Payroll Office to review your submitted forms and enter you into the FASIS system. At the beginning of the academic year, due to the extremely high volume of paperwork being processed by the Payroll Office, this process may take up to a week to complete.  To help reduce this delay some schools may provide the necessary Personal Data and W4 Forms for the faculty member to complete well before the start of the academic year.  The sooner you complete the forms and return them to your department or school, the sooner your information can be sent to Payroll and entered. For additional information and links to the forms, visit the Human Resources website.

Completing the Employment Eligibility Form (I9)

To comply with Federal law, Northwestern University participates in E-Verify. All newly hired employees are queried through this electronic system established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify their identity and employment eligibility.

No later than the first day you will start being paid on Northwestern University’s payroll system, you must complete the Employment Eligibility Form I-9. This can be completed from any computer.  By no later than the end of the third day you must complete Section 2 of the I-9.  This can be completed in your department or the Payroll Office. If you will not be on campus on or before your first day of pay, then you must go through the remote agent verification process. Full instructions can be found on the Remote Hire Quick Sheet

When completing the I9 process, you must bring identification to establish your identity and verify that you are eligible to work in the United States.  The most common acceptable documents for U.S. persons are a U.S. Passport or Driver’s license and Social Security card.  See the acceptable document list for more information.

The I9 Form should be completed as soon as possible after you arrive on campus; failure to complete the form will not delay the entry into FASIS but it will prevent you from receiving your paycheck. Visit the HR website for additional information on the I9 process and requirements.

Obtaining Your WildCARD

Once your FASIS record is established you may obtain your campus WildCARD, the official Northwestern photo identification card. This campus ID card can be used to gain entrance to University facilities and events; use the university shuttle service; check out library materials and much more. Additionally, U.S. Bank checking account holders can use their WildCARD as their ATM/debit card. Spouses or domestic partners of faculty can obtain a campus WildCARD for a nominal fee of $10. 

Many area businesses offer discounts to card holders through the WildCARD Advantage Program. Discounts and services vary. 

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Setting Up Your NetID and E-Mail

All members of the University community are provided with Northwestern e-mail accounts. In order to establish this account, you must first be entered into the Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS). After a record of employment has been entered in FASIS, a NetID (Network Identifier) will be assigned to you.

Your NetID is your electronic identity at Northwestern. Many networked University resources are associated with it, including e-mail and the online university directory. When your NetID has been created, you will be notified and will receive instructions about how to activate it. You can activate your NetID from your own computer up to 90 days before your official start date. Once your NetID is activated, you can instantly access your University e-mail within Northwestern’s Outlook Web Application, which requires no setup and is a secure and easy way to check your e-mail from anywhere.

Benefits Enrollment

It is very important that faculty members who wish to participate in Northwestern benefits plans enroll promptly. Participation in the University’s benefits plans requires that a new faculty member complete the enrollment process within 31 days of hire or benefits eligibility. Thus, a faculty member with an appointment beginning September 1 must complete the enrollment process no later than October 1. This process may be completed online using the University’s FASIS Self Service online enrollment system. Enrolling online as early as possible will allow time for the insurance companies to process your enrollment and issue membership ID cards.

Failure to complete the enrollment process by the stated deadline may necessitate the postponement of the coverage date until the following January and/or proof of qualification for insurance (as through a medical examination) for the life, long term care, and disability plans during the Fall Open Enrollment period. You can complete the online enrollment process as soon as you have an active University NetID and password. 

If you are adding a dependent to your medical insurance, you will need to provide documentation to prove dependency.  For a list of the necessary verification documents, please refer to the “How Do I Verify My Dependents?” web page.

You may obtain benefit plan information, online enrollment instructions, a link to the FASIS Self Service site, and the secondary enrollment step forms from the Benefits Division website or obtain them in Evanston from the Benefits Division (720 University Place, 2nd floor), or the Chicago Campus Human Resources Office (710 N. Lake Shore Drive, Abbott Hall, Room 150).  You can also schedule an appointment with a Benefits Counselor at these offices to discuss your benefit options.

University Directory, Address and Name Changes

The University's online directory provides contact information for all Northwestern students, faculty and staff.  The directory will display the job title, department name, office address, phone numbers, and e-mail address for every faculty member. Each faculty member may also opt to include their home address and telephone number as well as the name of a spouse/partner. Faculty holding multiple appointments can elect to list multiple departments and one location for campus mail deliveries. 

Faculty members should update their directory information through the FASIS Portal.  Once you have established an e-mail account, you should check your own data, as the directory is one of the principal tools your colleagues and students will use to contact you.  Sign in using your NetID and password and click on the link called “Update My Online Directory”.

It is important that you maintain current records with Human Resources. Your W-2 form will be mailed to your campus address on file. Please note: in the event of an emergency or disaster on campus, we will call, text and/or send e-mail notifications to the phone number(s) and e-mail address(es) in the system (not that of your emergency contact). The emergency contact number you list will be used for contacting a close relative/friend in the event of a personal emergency. Lastly, if your professional or published name differs from your legal name, please be sure that HR also has a record of your professional/published name. All of this information can be changed through the “My Personal Information” tab within the FASIS Portal. Some changes, such as to your academic rank, department title, etc. must be made by your school authorities; please contact your department chair to request changes to this information.

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Campus Maps and Parking Options

Chicago and Evanston campus maps are available on the Northwestern website. Maps for specific buildings and departments can also be found on the University Department/Office Directory.

Evanston Campus Parking

A current Northwestern parking permit is required to park on the Evanston campus from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.  Parking permit restrictions are not enforced in most lots after 4:00 p.m.  The Evanston University Police Parking Office at 2341 Sheridan Road administers parking registration for the Evanston campus.  The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  You will be required to present a WildCARD and a valid driver's license to obtain a parking permit.  If the WildCARD has not yet been received (see the above section on Obtaining a WildCARD), you can present a memo or letter from the department explaining that you are a new faculty member with a WildCARD pending,  and you will be issed a temporary parking permit.  Parking permits are non-transferable.  Parking Office personnel may request additional documentation as necessary to verify address, affiliation and vehicle ownership.

In 2015-16, a full-year faculty parking permit will cost $534.00 and a part-time permit will cost $339.00. In addition, a $25 permit is available which allows the holder to park at the Ryan Field lot (located at Central Street and Ashland Avenue) during the day and take a free shuttle bus service to the main campus. Holders of the $25 permit are permitted to park on the main campus during the evenings, weekends, and in several lots on campus during summer quarter. The $25 permit must be purchased prior to the end of winter quarter.

Parking is paid through a pre-tax payroll deduction only.  The cost of the permit is divided into twelve pro-rated equal installments. Faculty should always check with the university parking office to verify current rates and procedures for obtaining permits.

chicago campus parking

Chicago campus parking permits are sold annually or quarterly. Annual parking is from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. Annual parking permits go on sale the first working day after Labor Day each year.

To qualify for Northwestern University's subsidized parking, you must meet the following conditions:

·  at least 50 percent of your salary must be drawn from the University via a NU paycheck;

·  you must live outside of the designated boundaries of the Chicago campus (Halsted Street on the west, North Ave on the north and Congress Pkwy on the south); and

·  you must be approved for parking privileges through the department/school space allocation process.

At the NU Parking Office, you must supply a valid driver's license and a current vehicle registration card for your vehicle. You may pay for your parking through pre-tax payroll deductions.

Parking fees for faculty and staff are structured on a tiered basis and determined by annual salary (includes NU, NMH and RIC salaries). In 2015-2016, tiered rates for commuter parking in the Erie-Ontario garage, the 441 East Ontario garage or the Abbott Hall flat lot will range from $702 to $3,018. 

The commuter parking permit gives unlimited parking access to the assigned garage. The evening/weekend permit gives evening faculty access to their garage beginning in the late afternoon (4:00 p.m.); these parkers have weekday access to their garage until 8:00 a.m. each morning and 24-hour access on the weekends. Evening/weekend parking does not require departmental/school approval.

Evanston faculty who have a valid Evanston campus full-time parking permit and are teaching evening classes on the Chicago campus may purchase the Chicago evening/weekend parking permit at a reduced rate each quarter. These individuals must provide proof of Evanston parking (Evanston receipt), and class assignment in a Chicago evening class. Evanston campus parkers who are interested in the Chicago evening/weekend parking permit but are not attending or teaching class may also purchase the permit at the regular permit rate. Chicago evening/weekend parking during 2015-2016 costs $156.75 per quarter or $411 for the full year. Faculty who do not have Evanston parking but are interested in the Chicago evening/weekend parking permit must pay the standard rate.

The Chicago Campus Parking Office is located in Abbott Hall, Room 100, phone: (312) 503-1103, and is open Monday -Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Extended hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the beginning of each academic quarter (with the exception of summer session). You can also contact them via email at

Evanston Walking Zone
Since daytime parking is limited in Evanston, faculty, staff, and students who live close to campus may not use campus parking.  Evanston faculty must reside outside the Walking Zone to be eligible for an Evanston campus parking permit.  Specifically, one must reside north of Central Street, west of Ridge Avenue from Central Street to Emerson Street, west of the Metra tracks from Emerson Street to Lake Street and south of Lake Street to be eligible for a permit.  The Parking Office uses the official address of the building to establish residence.  No one living within two miles of the Chicago campus will be issued a daytime Chicago campus parking permit.

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Other Campus Transportation Options

Intercampus Shuttle: University Services provides a shuttle that runs from early morning into late evening between the Chicago and Evanston campuses Monday through Friday (except for University holidays).  The shuttle schedule and pick up/drop off locations are listed at  There is no charge for the shuttle service for anyone displaying an active WildCARD (including spouses/partners).  Travel time between campuses varies upon time of day.  Please present your WildCARD when boarding the shuttle.  Expired ID cards are not accepted.  Contact University Services at 312-503-8129 or via email at with any questions or for further information.

CTA 201 Bus:  Northwestern University in partnership with the Chicago Transit Authority will allow all Northwestern faculty, staff, students, and anyone else with active University photo identification to ride the CTA’s No. 201 bus to campus and other Evanston destinations for free. The free CTA service for Northwestern riders is offered from September through June. It will take the place of the Ryan Field Shuttle and offer more buses, longer service hours and extended routing. The No. 201 bus route extends from the CTA Howard bus and rail terminal to the Northwestern campus, with stops in the Evanston business district, at Ryan Field and all the way down Central Street to the Westfield Old Orchard shopping mall in Skokie. Service on the No. 201 route is provided weekdays from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

To encourage people to use the off-campus Ryan Field parking lot during the academic year, University Services provides the intercampus shuttle and has contracted with the CTA to link the north and south ends of the Evanston campus. Both shuttles run between Ryan Field and several points on campus, Monday through Friday, between early morning and mid-evening.  The CTA 201 does not offer free rides during July and August, but employees with Ryan Field parking permits are allowed to park in the commuter lots on campus during the summer.  Visit for the shuttle schedule and pick-up/drop-off locations.  Anyone with a WildCARD (including spouses/partners) can use either shuttle; there is no charge for this service.  Should you have any questions, visit the University Services transportation page or call 312-503-8129.

Chicago Shuttle Services: The Northwestern Chicago campus train station shuttle runs in the morning and afternoon between Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Union Station, the Ogilvie Transportation Center (widely known as the Northwestern station) and the LaSalle and Millenium (formerly Randolph St) train stations.  The shuttles run approximately every 10 to 15 minutes, but delays may be caused by heavy traffic or special events which often take place on Friday afternoon.  At the time of printing, the shuttle costs $17.50 for ten rides or $42 for a monthly pass.  Tickets may be purchased at the Feinberg cashier on the second floor, the Fresh Market at Fairbanks at Prentice on the second floor (cash only), the Rehabilitation Institute cafeteria, or in the University Services Office at Abbott Hall, Room 100.  Train shuttle tickets can be purchased on a pre-tax basis.  More information is available on the Chicago Shuttle Services page.

If you need to travel between Northwestern’s Chicago campus and the Lurie Children’s Outpatient Center in Lincoln Park, there is a shuttle service that runs approximately every 20 minutes, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The shuttle runs from Lurie Childrens Hospital at the southeast (Superior Street) corner of the main hospital driveway and drops off curbside at 2515 N. Clark Street.  For additional transportation options and directions between the campuses, visit the Lurie Children's Hospital web page

Pace Rideshare Program: Northwestern University, in conjunction with PACE, now offers a rideshare program for all full-time faculty and staff. Carpooling is an economical, convenient and environmentally friendly way to commute to work. Full-time Northwestern faculty who plan on carpooling at least three times a week and live outside the parking boundaries for their campus* are eligible for the program. Northwestern has also created an Emergency Ride Home Program (ERH) for registered PACE Rideshare participants from NU in the event of a personal and urgent emergency. Qualified ERH reimbursements will cover taxi rides and single Metra, Pace, or CTA tickets home. More information can be found on the Rideshare page.

 *Parking Boundaries - Chicago: North of North Ave., West of Halsted and South of Congress.  Evanston: North of Central, West of Ridge and South of Lake.

Bike to Work: Riding a bicycle to work is a commuting option that can have economic, environmental, and health benefits. The City of Chicago and the City of Evanston are both rated as some of the most bicycle friendly communities in the country and there are plans in place to install dozens more protected bike lanes to make your commute safer and more efficient. Commuters in Chicago can take advantage of Northwestern’s discounted membership with Divvy, the country’s largest bike sharing program though the Wildcard Advantage program. Northwestern offers many other services and resources for bicycle riders including secure bicycle parking on our Chicago Campus and showers located throughout both campuses, more details are available on the University Services page. All University shuttle buses are equipped with bike racks. Kryptonite brand locks are available for purchase at cost through the University Police. University Police also provides Bicycle Security Tips as well as free, online bicycle registration for the campus community. Contact (312) 503-8314 for additional information. 

Car Sharing: Northwestern has partnered with car sharing organizations ZipCar and Enterprise (formerly IGo) to provide low cost car sharing options on our campus. There are three ZipCars available on the Evanston campus and several more available nearby. Enterprise/IGo also has three vehicles on campus and offers discounted rates to our faculty and staff.

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Airport Transportation

See the University Services website for information about transportation services to and from the two Chicagoland airports, O'Hare International and Midway Airports, for use by faculty, staff, and students. We recommend that you plan ahead to find out the current prices, reservation and cancellation policies, holiday schedules, and any other information that might assist you in making an informed decision.

Library Services

With more than 6 million volumes, Northwestern University’s diverse library collections rank 11th among the nation’s private universities. The University’s library system includes University, Deering, and Seeley G. Mudd Libraries on the Evanston campus; and the Galter Health Sciences Library, Pritzker Legal Research Center, and the Joseph Schaffner Library on the Chicago campus.

Your Wildcard gives you access to all of these libraries, as well as to the United Library on the Evanston campus, the theological library of the Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and an affiliate library of Northwestern University.

The library offers many services tailored to faculty. Check out the library website for details on book delivery, reciprocal borrowing, a listing of subject specialists and more.

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Ordering Texbooks

Northwestern University has partnered with Faculty Enlight, an online content search, discovery and adoption website that allows faculty to research and adopt textbooks in one convenient place. Faculty teaching courses on both campuses may register and order textbooks through this site.

The Evanston bookstore is located in the Norris University Center in Evanston, 1999 Campus Drive. They may be reached using an online contact form or by phone at (847) 491 3990.

On the Chicago campus, the University Bookstore at Abbott Hall, located at 710 N. Lake Shore Drive, handles book orders for the medical and law schools as well as the Kellogg School of Management's Part-Time Program and the School of Professional Studies classes taking place in Chicago. They may be reached using an online contact form or by phone at (312) 503-8486.


On the Evanston campus, the University maintains several apartment buildings and single family homes that are available to in-coming faculty relocating from outside of the Chicago area. The maximum rental is generally for one year.  Units are unfurnished and contain one, two, and three bedrooms with rents at market rates.  Persons interested in receiving information and applications for rentals should email Ms. Samantha Mathis, Property Manager Assistant in Facilities Management.

The Office of the Provost maintains a website where faculty can post and browse available housing, both for rent and for sale, long-term and short-term.  

Though designed primarily to assist students, the Living Off-Campus Office, located in the lower level of Scott Hall, 601 University Place, may be able to provide some assistance to faculty in finding apartments and houses for rent and for purchase.  The Off-Campus Housing Office can be reached at (847) 491-8430.

Other excellent sources to search for rental properties or temporary housing in the Evanston area include:

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Assistance with Home Purchase

Through the University's local designated preferred banking vendors for mortgage services, loan transactions are available at preferential interest rates on primary mortgages for both tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty members.  There is also some discounting on interest rate and other terms for bridge loans.  Some fees such as the application fee will be waived for a faculty member.  The faculty member is responsible for down payment and closing costs and must meet normal bank loan underwriting approval. More information is available at the Northwestern Human Resources relocation web page

The bank contacts are:

Mr. Galen Tallas, Mortgage Dept. Manager, First Bank & Trust
Main Evanston branch at 820 Church Street; ph 847-733-7400, ext. 229;

Ms. Sandy Federici, Mortgage Loan Officer, First Northern Credit Union,
Evanston branch at 1705 Sherman Ave; ph 312-332-6357, ext. 443;

More information and resources regarding home purchase may be found in the Deans’ offices of individual schools.  Additionally, for specific information about home purchase assistance or relocation assistance in general, please call Ms. Janie Savage, Change Management Administrator, at 847-491-4135, or Ms. Lori Anne Henderson, Director of Work & Life Resources, HR at 847-491-3612.

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First Northern Credit Union 

First Northern Credit Union (FNCU) is a not-for-profit financial cooperative owned and operated by its members.  Because there are no outside stockholders, members earn higher dividends on savings, pay lower rates on loans, and appreciate reduced or eliminated fees.

First Northern provides services to all Northwestern University employees, students and alumni.  Savings, checking, money market accounts, Visa credit cards, home equity loans, first mortgages, vehicle loans, automatic payroll deductions, mobile banking, mobile deposit, online banking, bill pay, and more are available.  All accounts are federally insured up to $250,000―with a separate coverage up to $250,000 for Individual Retirement Accounts.

FNCU has branch locations conveniently located near the Evanston and Chicago campuses.  The Evanston Branch is at 1705 Sherman Avenue.  The Chicago Streeterville Branch is at 541 N. Fairbanks Court, Suite 120.

In addition, First Northern Credit Union offers over 71,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide! They also offer over 6,800 Shared Branching locations, allowing free access to a group of credit unions around the world through which you can conduct your financial transactions.

Employment Assistance for Faculty Spouses/Partners

Northwestern has partnered with the Greater Chicago Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GC HERC), which includes other area educational institutions such as the University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Chicago, Argonne, and Fermilab.  Through the sharing of information and resources, the GC HERC supports its member institutions in attracting outstanding faculty, administrators, and staff, with a particular focus on assisting dual-career couples. GC HERC contains a web-based search engine that includes listings for both faculty and staff jobs at all member institutions and is available at no charge to anyone seeking employment in higher education. The search engine allows users to link two profiles and find jobs that match both search criteria.   

Northwestern Career Advancement invites all faculty and their spouses/partners to attend any career-related events and programs on both the Evanston and Chicago campuses.  In addition, spouses and partners can contact NCA for a consultation appointment with the Executive Director.  Please have your academic department office email the Executive Director of Northwestern Career Advancement, Mark Presnell, to request arrangements on your behalf.    

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Family Friendly Benefits

The Office of Work/Life Resources, a division of the Office of Human Resources, has a wide range of programming available to assist faculty with a diverse array of family and personal needs including childcare, eldercare, family leaves, relocation, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program and more.

International Faculty

The International Office assists international faculty, visitors and dependents on matters pertaining to their nonimmigrant and immigrant status.  All new international faculty members (tenure eligible, non-visiting and visiting) should take a few moments to familiarize themselves with the International Office (IO) website where you will find a comprehensive listing of requirements, policy, procedures and community resources.

It is imperative that new faculty who are not U.S. citizens or Legal Permanent Residents maintain the proper nonimmigrant status to be permitted to work in the United States.  Maintenance of status and eligibility to work in the United States is the faculty member's responsibility and not that of Northwestern University.

Ethics and Compliance

Northwestern University has a strong commitment to ethics and compliance.  The University's "Standards for Business Conduct" provides a framework for administering University resources and establishes guidelines for acceptable standards of behavior. If you have concerns about compliance, please speak to your department chair, dean, or central administration personnel to solicit their support and help. However, if you feel uncomfortable discussing any matter with your colleague or department chair, go to the University’s ethics and compliance website. On this website you will find links to policy resources and contact information to submit any questions and voice your concerns.

In addition to these resources, Northwestern has selected EthicsPoint to provide you with a simple way to report activities that may involve misconduct or violations of University policy. EthicsPoint is a phone- and web-based resource available to faculty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  It is contracted by the University to provide specially trained personnel to receive all phone- and web-based reports. To file a confidential report via EthicsPoint, visit the University’s ethics and compliance website.

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II. Getting Connected

Faculty Senate and University Committees

The Faculty Senate is the elected, representative body of the faculty. It considers, makes recommendations, and passes resolutions concerning matters of general university interest, including educational and research endeavors; hiring policy; the tenure and promotion system; and campus life. The Faculty Senate strives to protect academic freedom, promote excellence, equity, and diversity within the faculty and student body, and advance the general welfare of the university.

Because senators are elected by every department in the university, they may be the eyes and ears of faculty members. Please feel free to contact your department's senator in order to learn more, or make suggestions about university policies and initiatives. Also be aware that the Senate administers an ombudsman program in order to discretely assist faculty members with any issue that cannot be resolved at the department level. The Faculty Senate website has further information about membership and its activities.  The current chair of the Faculty Senate is Professor Edward F.X. Hughes.

Each year the President, Provost, and Faculty Senate Chair appoint faculty members to various university-wide committees (often including students and staff as well as faculty) that establish policy or advise the Northwestern administration and faculty on various matters.  Should you be interested in serving on such committees, contact the chair of the Faculty Senate.

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Campus Newspapers

The Daily Northwestern is published Monday -- Friday during the academic year. Since 1881, this award-winning student publication has been one of the nation's most respected college newspapers and is delivered free of charge to more than 50 locations around NU's Evanston and Chicago campuses. Classified advertising in The Daily Northwestern is an effective way to connect with students for part-time child care, work study help, research assistants or sublets.  For additional information, call (847) 491-7206.

The Department of University Relations provides media relations, print publications and web communications services for the University. In addition, UR produces Northwestern's alumni magazine and Northwestern News, the twice-weekly email newsletter that goes to all faculty, students and staff. News about the University is also posted daily on Northwestern's home page and the NewsCenter web page. Often accompanied by video and audio, the news features cover a variety of subjects, from major research breakthroughs to fine arts events to faculty honors. For more information, contact the internal communications editor at 847-491-4893.

Planit Purple

PlanIt Purple is Northwestern University’s centralized online events listing. The University community is the listing's primary audience, but it is also viewable by the general public. Users can display events on PlanIt Purple according to their date, general location, sponsoring group, or event type. University departments and offices can post their events and use the database of events to create their own public listing. For more information, email PlanIt Purple or call (847) 491-4870.

Lawrence B. Dumas Domain Dinners

The Lawrence B. Dumas Domain Dinner Program is designed to stimulate faculty interactions across departments and disciplines and to highlight Northwestern's distinctive interdisciplinarity.  These events, featuring Northwestern faculty and senior lecturers, consist of a program followed by dinner, and provide the opportunity for faculty from both the Chicago and the Evanston campuses to gather in a relaxed environment for intellectual discourse. There is no charge for these dinners.  

All tenured, tenure-line and senior lecturer faculty members are sent electronically an invitation to each dinner. Other faculty who would like to be included on the invitation list should contact the administrative secretary of the Office of Administration and Planning at (847) 491-4335.

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University Circle

The mission of University Circle is to provide opportunities for Northwestern University women to participate in service, scholarship and social activities that enhance the University community. An annual membership is $25 and is open to all women affiliated with the University including faculty, staff, students and spouses.

In addition to hosting special events throughout the year, University Circle organizes interest groups and special programs so members can explore and share interests. Several groups focus on community service for Children's Hospital and the Rehabilitation Institute. Another interest group supports the Northwestern University Settlement House, a privately-funded association that helps inner city residents obtain food, clothing, shelter and education. Other groups gather for sports, meet to practice foreign language conversation skills, discuss books and plays, visit ethnic restaurants, quilt, or go antiquing.

University Circle also represents Northwestern in the biennial Conference of Big Ten University Women's Organizations and funds an annual scholarship for University employees taking graduate courses through the School of Professional Studies to further career opportunities. For further information contact Elisabeth Malthouse at (773)465-8411 or Sally Dobroski at (847)251-4915 or visit the University Circle website.

Organization of Women Faculty

The Organization of Women Faculty (OWF) was founded in 1981 to improve the status and working conditions of women faculty at Northwestern as well as to provide a forum for intellectual and personal exchanges. The organization is concerned with all issues affecting women faculty members within the University community. 

You may also contact the Director of the Northwestern University Women's Center, Renée Redd, at (847) 491-2733.

Phi Beta Kappa

Faculty members who have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa are strongly encouraged to affiliate themselves with Northwestern’s chapter, Alpha of Illinois.  Please contact the Chapter’s President, Robert Wallace or Secretary,Deborah Rosenberg.

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Demographics on Undergraduate Students

You may be interested in learning a bit about the backgrounds of the students who enroll at Northwestern as undergraduates. The University participates in a national survey of incoming students. The most recent data from this survey can be found on the Administration & Planning website.

Residential Colleges Program

On the Evanston campus, the Residential Colleges Program offers a venue for informal interaction between undergraduate students and faculty.  Faculty affiliating with one of the colleges have the opportunity to get to know faculty and students across disciplines, are invited to take meals with students in the colleges, and participate in residential college-sponsored events on-and off-campus throughout the academic year. The 11 residential colleges include multi-thematic colleges as well as colleges focusing on such topics such as public affairs, commerce and industry, humanities, and international studies. 

Faculty interested in affiliating with a residential college are welcome to contact the Director of Residential Academic Initiatives, Brad Zakarin, or call (847) 467-1362.

Office of Fellowships

The Office of Fellowships identifies and prepares outstanding students for national fellowship competitions such as Rhodes, Marshall, Gates Cambridge, Mitchell, Fulbright, Luce, and National Science Foundation.  To help students locate appropriate fellowships, the Office maintains an extensive website, offers fellowships-specific workshops throughout the academic year, and holds general informational sessions every Thursday in the 1940 Sheridan conference room.

The Office depends upon strong faculty support.  Faculty members, especially those who have held fellowships such as the ones listed above, are invited to contact Director Sara Anson Vaux; Senior Associate Director Elizabeth Pardoe; Senior Associate Director Stephen Hill; Associate Director Amy Kehoe; or Assistant Director Jason Kelly Roberts.

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Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching

Since its founding in September 1992, the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching has supported teaching and fostering student learning in the undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools. Programs and services are available for faculty, graduate students who teach, as well as undergraduate peer mentors in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) disciplines.

The Center provides opportunities to faculty to engage with the research, scholarship, practical skills, innovations, and practices of teaching and learning in higher education. A comprehensive series of programs and events are designed to accommodate a wide range of interests and schedules. Faculty may participate in lunchtime discussions or join monthly workshops addressing a multitude of teaching issues.

The Searle Center also conducts an annual all-day New Faculty Workshop to welcome new faculty into the teaching community at Northwestern. This highly interactive session touches on many topics related to teaching and learning, including Enhancing Student Engagement, Course Design, Teaching Methods, and Assessment & Evaluation of Learning. Registration is required.

In addition to these various programs, the Searle Center offers a range of resources and services to help faculty find answers to their questions about teaching and learning. The Center houses the Robert Menges Memorial Library, an extensive collection of books, articles and videotapes on teaching and learning in higher education which can be accessed online through the Center's website. You can contact the Center via email or call (847) 467‑2338.

AccessibleNU (formerly Services for Students with Disabilities)

It is Northwestern University policy to ensure that no qualified student with a disability is denied the benefits of, excluded from participation in, or otherwise subjected to discrimination in any University program or activity.  In response to a request made by a qualified student with a documented disability, AccessibleNU will arrange for the provision of academic accommodations and auxiliary aids determined by AccessibleNU to be necessary to afford the opportunity for full participation in University programs.

Students who have been determined eligible for classroom accommodations are advised by AccessibleNU staff to present notification from our office to their instructors and to discuss accommodation needs with their professors.  Faculty are encouraged to contact AccessibleNU by email or call (847) 467-5530 with any questions pertaining to academic accommodations. More information is available on the AccessibleNU website, or located in our new faculty guide (available at our office). Finally, under the faculty tab of our website, there is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions available as a quick resource.

Dealing with Student Problems

Faculty members who have a question or a problem concerning a student are encouraged to consult with the Dean of Students Office at (847) 491-8430 or via email. This includes issues that might arise involving dangerous, disruptive, or troubled students. The office will work to help resolve the problem or refer you to someone who can. In addition, if anyone is unsure of who to contact when assistance is needed, please visit NUHelp.

Additional information about the various services offered can be found on the Division of Student Affairs website.

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Research Support

The Office for Research promotes, facilitates, and enhances research at Northwestern University. The Office supports Northwestern faculty in building and maintaining excellent research programs and ensures that the research infrastructure is robust and responsive to the expanding and ever-changing needs of Northwestern investigators.

The units within the Office for Research maintain websites that provide up-to-date information specific to their missions. Because regulations and procedures governing both the conduct of research and research administration undergo continual change, internally and externally, the websites listed on the Office for Research Administrative Offices page are updated regularly to reflect these changes.

Corporate Relations and Foundation Relations

The Offices of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations are responsible for managing relationships between Northwestern University and corporations and foundations. These offices can assist faculty who are seeking funding for research, fellowships, and other scholarly projects.

Corporate engagement

Corporate Engagement (CE) serves as a gateway for corporations to access all areas of Northwestern. The CE team works with companies to create customized, strategic initiatives that support both corporate and University goals. In that role, the office works with faculty and administrators to facilitate philanthropic support, industry-sponsored research, mentoring, student placements, executive education, and other collaborations. The office coordinates with numerous units across campus including the Office of Sponsored Research, INVO, and Northwestern Career Advancement.

Faculty members should contact Corporate Engagement if they are looking for industry leaders in their respective fields, or if a company has contacted them directly. CE team members are available to discuss how to find and utilize corporate interests in your area.

Corporate Engagement regularly monitors formal and informal requests for proposals from companies and disseminates these announcements to applicable faculty and administrators.

Foundation Relations

The Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) works with Northwestern faculty and administrators across all schools and units who seek funding from private professional foundations. Our goal is to help faculty put together compelling proposals for research and outreach projects and submit these to foundations where they have a reasonable chance of being funded. In partnership with the Office for Sponsored Research, we coordinate and track all foundation grant activity on behalf of Northwestern University.

Please contact us if you are interested in seeking foundation funding. We offer the following services:

  • We aim to position Northwestern as a preferred foundation partner. To that end, we track all University contacts with foundation leaders and staff in support of Northwestern’s long-term relationships with these funders.
  • We meet with faculty to learn about their projects and identify potential foundation funders.
  • We offer periodic workshops for those who wish to learn more about seeking foundation funding.
  • We disseminate foundation Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and maintain a list of upcoming RFPs on our website.
  • We provide guidance on writing effective letters of inquiry, proposals, and grant reports and review drafts from the foundation funder’s perspective. We also supply supplementary application materials, such as financial information and tax documentation.
  • We help plan and coordinate foundation visits, whether meeting at Northwestern or the foundation's office.
  • We assist with award processing, foundation stewardship, and grant reporting requirements.

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Information Technology and Computing Support

Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT) offers technology support along with key services and resources to faculty to advance the mission of the University. Technology services provided by NUIT to University entities include, but are not limited to: voice, data, video, and wireless networks and services; Internet; and academic and administrative systems. In addition, a number of schools and departments provide support for their specific constituencies in close collaboration with NUIT, which has oversight and coordinating responsibility for these systems and services.

Technological innovations and initiatives within the divisions and schools should be brought to NUIT early in their life for rapid consideration and assessment within University-wide plans. For a detailed list of Information Technologies policies and guidelines, please visit the University Policies website.

Visit the NUIT website often to stay informed about academic and research services and resources available to Northwestern faculty. Get up-to-date news, follow NUIT on social media and subscribe to the NUIT RSS news feed to receive instant notifications about system upgrades, new service offerings and more.

Finding Support

To request help with a technology-related question, the IT Support Center offers several options. By phone, the IT Support Center can be reached at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) during business hours. For in-person assistance, visit the NUIT Service Point in Norris University Center or the IT Support Center location at 1800 Sherman Avenue in downtown Evanston. NetID issues can also be addressed at the NetID Support Kiosk in the WildCARD Office on the Chicago campus.

If your issue is not an urgent one, or you have a question outside of business hours, you can submit your question or issue via the IT Service Manager (NetID login required) or send an email to Please make sure your message has complete information about your issue, including your NetID and exact error messages, if applicable.

NUIT also provides an online self-service information center and IT Knowledge Base where Northwestern University faculty, staff, and students can find answers to frequently asked questions about University IT services. Click the categories to display a current listing of all Knowledge Base articles for the selected subject.

Academic Resources

The Academic & Research Technologies (A&RT) unit of NUIT is the principal point of contact for faculty interested in the University’s academic and research computing infrastructure and services. A&RT supports faculty and provides access to educational technologies and various multimedia resources for the larger Northwestern community. 

There are a host of other learning and teaching services available to faculty. These services include the University’s new educational platform, Canvas; 121 technology-rich Smart Classrooms across both Northwestern campuses; Mediasite, a lecture capture and management service and several computer classrooms. For detailed information on these services and others, visit the NUIT resources page.

NUIT Advanced Media Production Studio (NUIT AMPS) is a professional production team within A&RT dedicated to the service and advancement of multimedia applications in teaching and research. The team partners with University colleagues to produce high-definition video productions and innovative web-based outreach sites for research, pedagogical, and administrative initiatives.

High Performance Research Resources

For specific information on all of the research support resources available to faculty, visit the NUIT Research Resources webpage

NUIT provides access to the world’s most advanced research networks for campus investigators. Northwestern’s HPC System, or Quest, is recognized among the most powerful supercomputers in the world. It includes data storage, data resources, and advanced instruments, all linked together by advanced software and high performance networks to improve research productivity and enable breakthroughs not otherwise possible.

The University’s central storage platform for research information, called Vault, provides alternative storage platforms for storing computational data. University researchers, faculty researchers, and post-doctoral researchers are able to use Vault to share research data in a collaborative environment, store large-scale computational research data and request additional storage for further data analysis.

NUIT participates in ongoing international, national and statewide networking initiatives such as StarLight, a proving ground for next-generation national and international optical networks optimized for high-performance applications. A list of global network research partners can be found on the NUIT website. NUIT also provides MATLAB, Mathematica, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), SAS, SPSS, X-Windows, and a growing list of open-source software applications to NU researchers. View a list of available products on the NUIT Software webpage.

The University’s Data Centers, located on the Evanston and Chicago campuses, offer researchers a cost-effective, secure, and reliable solution to hosting and managing physical servers. The Social Sciences Computing Cluster (SSCC) provides an advanced computational capability, a rich suite of statistical software applications, and a centrally-managed data storage service customized for social sciences research activities.

Research Grant & Proposal Consultation

General consultation for determining the appropriate sources of external funding for research projects as well as assistance with grant applications is available on the Office for Research Funding Resources page. NUIT can also assist in providing information technology-related assistance with grant applications.

Conferencing Services

Northwestern offers solutions and support for desktop, room-based, and audio conferencing as well as webcasting. See the NUIT website for a complete list of conferencing services provided.

Technology-Related Events and Presentations

NUIT provides information on a variety of technology topics through several different workshops and event series. NUIT Tech Talks are biweekly interactive webinars open to the entire University community. Learn about current and upcoming NUIT initiatives as experts discuss a range of technology topics, including new services and tools from NUIT, computer security, and more. 

Watch helpful step-by-step videos addressing common questions—from setting up email to connecting to the campus wireless network—on NUIT’s YouTube channel. You can also find the weekly “You’re the Key” Information Security podcast series, which provides the Northwestern University community with timely information regarding security news and tips.

Additional learning opportunities can be found on the NUIT Events, Presentations, and Training page. To further explore the many support and service options available to faculty, please visit NUIT’s website.

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III. University Services & Activities

Food Services on Campus

There are a number of locations on both campuses where you can get a quick snack or a whole meal.  Daily menus and hours of operation for Northwestern Dining facilities are located online or by calling 847-491-2020.

Cat Cash (formerly Munch Money)

Faculty and Staff can add Cat Cash to their WildCARD and never have to worry about carrying cash for food while on either campus.  Cat Cash makes your WildCARD a declining balance card for a quick, convenient, and easy way to pay for food on either campus.  If you lose your wallet, you won’t lose your Cat Cash!  Simply alert the WildCARD Office and they will cancel your card, securing your Cat Cash balance, and issue a new WildCARD.  Visit the Northwestern Dining page to add Cat Cash to your WildCARD using a credit card.

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan

Faculty and Staff may purchase a discounted meal plan called the WildCat Meal pack for dining in the Evanston Dining Halls.  The WildCat Meal Pack provides 10 meals for use at any of the six dining halls plus $25.00 in WildCat Points to be used in any Northwestern Dining restaurant, café, or C-Store (convenience store) on the Evanston Campus. Current price for the 2015-2016 academic year is only $120.00 with discounted prices for purchasing 3 or more Packs. Purchase the WildCat Meal Pack with a credit card at Northwestern Dining and the plan will be loaded on your WildCARD.  For more information please email the Food Service Office or call 847-491-2020.

Evanston Campus

Evanston has six Residential Dining Halls across campus (1835 Hinman, Willard, Allison, Foster-Walker, Sargent, and Elder). Each offers all-you-care-to-eat meals with a variety of entrées and made-to-order options as well as traditional staples such as a salad bar, desserts, coffee, and soft drinks.  Allison Dining Hall features a Kosher station and Foster-Walker West has Halal meats on request.  All six locations offer gluten free options.  Northwestern faculty and staff and their guests are welcome to use the dining halls during any meal period by swiping in using the Faculty/Staff WildCat Meal Pack Meal Plan or by paying the following cash-entrance rates: Breakfast $7.00,  Lunch $9.00, Dinner and Sunday Brunch $11.00.  Cash, Cat Cash (formerly known as Munch Money), and credit cards are accepted when paying at the door.  Faculty and Staff can also pay with a chart-string by pre-arranging Dining Hall Meal Vouchers by contacting the Food Service Office or calling 847-491-2020.

Northwestern Dining has a variety of restaurants and cafés on the Evanston Campus.  Tech Express, located on the first floor of the Technological Institute at 2145 North Campus Drive, has a selection of entrées, salads, sandwiches, pastries, Seattle’s Best coffee, espresso drinks and cold beverages. Lisa's Café, located in Slivka Hall at 2332 Campus Drive, serves delicious sandwiches, espresso drinks, soft drinks, sandwiches, pastries, and contains a C-Store (convenience store). Bergson Café is located on the second floor of the Northwestern University Library and serves Seattle's Best coffee, tea, bottled water, freshly made bakery items, sandwiches, sushi, and smoothies. Einstein Bros. Bagels has a branch on the second floor of the Pancoe/ENH Life Sciences Pavilion. Norris University Center has several eating areas on the ground level including Paws n’ Go C-Store, Willie’s Food Court, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and Frontera Fresco featuring recipes from celebrity chef Rick Bayless.  Starbucks is located on the main level of Norris.  On the south end of campus, Crowe Café, on the ground level of Crowe Hall at 1860 Campus Drive, offers gourmet sandwiches and wraps, freshly made salads, beverages and organic coffee drinks.  Additional details, menus, and location information for all of these locations can be found on the Northwestern Dining page or by calling the Food Service Office at 847-491-2020.

Also in the Technological Institute, the Jerome B. Cohen Commons Faculty & Staff Dining Room (Cohen Commons) serves hot buffet lunches during fall, winter, and spring quarters up until finals week.  Cohen Commons is located in the Tech Building, L482, 4th floor north, and is open from 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.  Reservations for group of 4 or more must be made at least 48 hours in advance.  Email Cohen Commons or call (847) 491-5550 to reserve a table.  Menus and additional information are posted online.

Additional Dining Options (not affiliated with Northwestern Dining)

Faculty members and their spouses or partners from any school in the University may make reservations for lunch at the James L. Allen Center of the Kellogg School of Management located on the lakefront in Evanston.  Priority for luncheon reservations is given to members of groups holding meetings at the Allen Center.  Lunches are currently $20 per person and can be paid for by credit card. Reservations can be obtained by calling 847-467-7024.  Café Kellogg, located in the Levy Atrium of the Donald P. Jacobs Center on the Evanston Campus, offers deli sandwiches, salads, pizza, soups, as well as some breakfast items.  Café Kellogg does not accept Cat Cash or WildCat Points.  Questions: 847-467-4175

Unless otherwise noted, all locations accept cash, credit or Cat Cash (formerly known as Munch Money) as forms of payment.  Faculty and Staff may use departmental chart strings to purchase meal vouchers for Cohen Commons and the Residential Dining Halls.  The Departmental Meal Voucher request form is available on the Food Service website or by calling 847-491-2020.

Chicago Campus

On the Chicago campus, Northwestern Dining provides service at four locations.  Harry’s Café is located at 375 E. Chicago in the Thorne Lobby while the new Law Atrium is being built.  (Harry’s will move to 357 E. Chicago once the Atrium is complete.)  Harry’s features freshly made grab and go sandwiches, baked goods, snacks, salads, and Starbucks Coffee. Kafé Kellogg, located on the third floor of Wieboldt Hall at 340 E. Superior offers artisan sandwiches, light snacks, salads, bottled beverages and Starbucks Coffee.  The Coffee Cure, located in the Method Atrium of the Ward building at 303 E Chicago Ave, provides fresh brewed Seattle’s Best coffee, Tazo tea, pastries or Simply-to-go salads or sandwiches.  Zest Bistro/ZeBi is located in the Ryan Family Atrium of the Lurie Center at 303 E. Superior and features salads, soups, made-to-order deli sandwiches, flatbread pizza, Aspretto Coffee, bottled beverages, a Coke Freestyle machine, chips, and snacks. All locations on the Chicago Campus accept Cat Cash (formerly Munch Money), cash, and credit cards but they do not accept Meal Plan WildCat Points.

In addition to these dining facilities, both the Evanston and Chicago campuses offer a variety of catering services ranging from coffee and bagels to five-course meals.

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University Services

University Services consists of a number of different service departments, including Travel Services, Motor Pool for vehicle rental, various shuttle bus routes, Computer Recycling, Mail Services, Purchasing Resource Services (PRS), WildCARD ID offices, Printing & Duplicating, Laboratory Supplies & Services, Equipment Maintenance Insurance Program (NUMAINT), Vending, Trademark Licensing, Internal Moving Services (Chicago campus only), Laundry Program and the Chicago Fitness & Recreation Program. 

Travel Services

When you use Travel Services, you are urged to complete a Traveler Profile with one or more of the approved agencies to speed the booking process.  The University has a special negotiated rate on some fare classifications with United Airlines providing for a discount on some United Airlines tickets booked through Northwestern's list of approved agencies and the lower-cost online booking tool called Orbitz for Business.  Transaction fees have also been negotiated with these agencies.  NU-related business travel can be charged to a chartstring rather than your personal credit card. 

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for campus planning, space management, the design, construction and renovation of University facilities, and for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of buildings, grounds, and utility systems. Requests for service can be called in to (847) 491-5201 for the Evanston campus or (312) 503-8000 for the Chicago campus or emailed to Facilities Management. In addition, many schools have persons in the dean's offices with special responsibility for the school's facilities issues and for bringing these issues to the attention of Facilities Management. 

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Office of Sustainability

Northwestern has set a goal of being a national leader in sustainability in both our curriculum and in our operations. The Office of Sustainability facilitates many programs aimed at reducing our energy and resource use and reducing our waste through an active recycling and composting program. Northwestern recycles more than 1,800 tons annually, which represents 34 percent of the campus waste stream and recycling bins are provided by NU Recycling.  More information is available on the sustainNU website or by calling (847) 467-4286. 

Learn about Northwestern University’s first Strategic Plan for Sustainability, which has developed working groups to address key topics. New faculty are welcome to participate in the working groups. Also, see how you can Take Action in many other initiatives from Green Office Certification to Bike to Work Week.

For information about recycling services for your computer and electronic equipment, please see the University Services’ eCycling program.

Campus Fitness and Recreational Facilities

Evanston Campus

Several recreational facilities are available on the Evanston campus through the Department of Fitness and Recreation. Faculty may access facilities by showing their current Wildcard and paying a daily fee of $16,  or $9 before 3pm ,or by purchasing a facility membership. Membership fees vary depending on options selected. Please visit the Membership Registration page for details.

Membership provides access to the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion and the Dellora A. and Lester J. Norris Aquatics Center (HCSP). Henry Crown Sport Pavilion’s spacious facility is located on the shore of Lake Michigan and offers an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a 3-lane indoor walking/jogging track, six tennis courts, a cardiovascular and weight conditioning area, personal training fitness studios, free weight rooms, racquetball and international squash courts, multipurpose courts for basketball, or volleyball, men's and women's locker rooms with showers and saunas and much more. There is also a private beach which is open daily from 10am to 6pm (weather permitting) beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.

Two other gymnasium facilities are available: Patten Gymnasium, located at 2407 Sheridan and the Blomquist Recreation Center, located at 617 Foster. Northwestern also maintains a Sailing Center which rents sailboats and windsurfers and provides both sailing and windsurfing lessons between mid-May and early October. The Vandy Christie Tennis Center has outdoor courts available on a walk-up basis for faculty during the summer months.

In addition to the various facilities available for drop in use, faculty and their guests are invited to take advantage of a variety of fitness programs and instructional classes. While membership includes access to all cardio/strength group fitness classes, Pilates, yoga, and other mind/body classes are available at discounted rates. Personal training as well as small group training services are offered by our certified fitness staff. The aquatics program provides scuba lessons as well as private and group swimming lessons. Group tennis classes are available for all skill levels. Private instruction is available for tennis, racquetball and squash.

Chicago Campus

The Chicago campus fitness facilities are managed by University Services. Discounted membership is available at the River East Club. Fitness facilities are also available for Chicago-based community members at Chicago Park District's Lake Shore Field House.

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Musical Activities

Each year, the Bienen School of Music presents more than 400 concerts and events on the Evanston campus.  Many performances showcase the school's 16 faculty-supported ensembles, including orchestras, bands, choral organizations, opera, jazz and chamber groups, in a wide range of repertoire. Other events include solo recitals by faculty and students, performances and master classes by world-renowned guest artists, and two professional series: the Segovia Classical Guitar Series and the Winter Chamber Music Festival.  For a schedule of events, visit the Bienen School of Music website.

Ticket prices range from $4 to $30. Subscribing to any Artist Series can reduce the cost of individual tickets by as much as 30%.  Many master classes, all solo student recitals, and some additional concerts are free of charge.  Discounts are provided to school-aged children, full-time students, and Northwestern faculty and staff with a valid WildCARD. Tickets may be purchased online, in person at the Bienen School ticket office, by phone or by mail.

Northwestern Theatre Tickets

Tickets for Northwestern student performances are available online or through the Theatre box office. Discounts are provided for Northwestern faculty. Contact information, schedules and a description of Northwestern student theatre events is available on the Theatre and Interpretation Center website

Athletics Tickets

Faculty may purchase up to two 2015 season tickets at a discount of 20% for football and men’s basketball. Only two season tickets may be purchased at the discounted rate. Discounts are available for all other ticketed sports for regular season events.
Wildcat football and basketball tickets can be purchased through the ticket office at 888-GOPURPLE (888-467-8775) or online at (Discover, American Express, MasterCard and Visa, are accepted).

Public football season tickets range from $159-$299 per person. Tickets are also available on an individual game basis at $20-$65 per person depending upon game and location.  There is no faculty/staff discount for single game purchases.  During 2015-2016, men's basketball season tickets for individuals are $294.  Tickets are also available on an individual game basis; women's basketball season tickets for individuals are $49 or $7 per game.


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V. City Information

Area Schools

Information on enrolling children in local schools can be obtained by contacting the appropriate school district.  Contact information for several of the school districts in our area are listed below:

The Skokie area encompasses several school districts.  Callers to the Skokie number will be referred to the appropriate district office, which in turn will provide information for a specific school in the area.

Cultural Events

Information about cultural events in Chicago is available in a number of publications: the Chicago Reader, the Friday sections of the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times, Chicago MagazineTime Out Chicago, and Chicago Metromix. Information about Evanston is available in the same publications, in the weekly Evanston Review, and from the Evanston Convention and Visitors Bureau at Evanston Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Public Transportation

A variety of public transportation resources are available close to each campus, connecting those campuses to most parts of Chicago, Evanston, and beyond. The Chicago metro area is served by three public transportation systems: the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Metra, and the Pace suburban bus system. Routes, schedules and maps are available at their websites.

The central bus depot in Evanston is just north of Davis Street on Benson Street. The “El”, Chicago’s local train system, runs from Evanston into the city and from there to many neighborhoods. In Evanston the nearest el station to south campus is Davis Street; for mid campus is Foster Street; and for north campus is Noyes Street. The Chicago-State CTA stop is closest to the Chicago campus.

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Driver’s License and License Plates

Residents of Illinois are required to obtain Illinois auto license tags within 30 days of moving to the State and an Illinois driver’s license within 90 days. License plates as well as an Illinois driver’s license or Illinois state identification card can be obtained at the Secretary of State’s Driver Services Facilities. Offices of the Illinois Driver Facilities nearest to the Evanston campus are located at 8261 Golf Road, Niles and 5401 North Elston Avenue, Chicago. The office closest to the Chicago campus is in the State of Illinois Building, 100 West Randolph Street. All offices can be reached at (312) 793-1010. These offices are closed various days of the week, so it is well advised to check on hours before embarking on a visit. Depending upon the applicant’s prior record of traffic violations, a written and/or road test may be required. Auto license plates can also be obtained (for an additional service charge) at Currency Exchanges throughout the area.

Complete information is available on the website of the Secretary of State of Illinois. Within this site, a page is devoted to New Residents of Illinois.

Vehicle Registration

In nearly all area communities, including the cities of Chicago and Evanston, vehicles must be registered in the city where the car is garaged and must display that city’s vehicle sticker. 

Evanston residents may purchase their city vehicle stickers from the Evanston Civic Center located at 2100 Ridge Avenue or on the City of Evanston website.

Chicago residents may purchase their vehicle stickers in person at the Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 107 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Chicago city stickers can also be obtained using a form available on the Chicago City Clerk website. Chicago stickers are also available, for an additional service charge, from almost any currency exchange in the city.

Skokie residents may purchase stickers from the Village of Skokie located at 5127 Oakton Street.