Classroom Committee

Committee Purpose

The Classroom Committee was established by the Provost in January 2000 and is charged with evaluating classroom use and quality, and recommending to the Provost and the Deans policies on classroom utilization, scheduling, physical improvements and priorities for assignment.

Much of the work of the Classroom Committee is accomplished through subcommittees that focus on classroom quality (condition) and on classroom utilization. Additionally, the co-chairs work with faculty and staff from the Chicago campus to explore improvements in the quality and utilization of classrooms in Chicago. A recurring funding allocation has been established for the Classroom Committee to address priority needs. 

2015-2016 Classroom Committee Members

  • Jean Shedd, Committee Chair; Associate Provost for Budget, Facilities, and Analysis, Office of the Provost
  • Martina Bode, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, WCAS
  • Susanna Calkins, Associate Director of Faculty Development, Searle Center for Advancing Learning & Teaching
  • Jacqualyn Casazza, University Registrar
  • Rick Morris, Associate Dean, Finance and Administration; Assistant Professor, Radio/TV/Film, School of Communication
  • Marianne Ryan, Associate University Librarian for Public Services, University Library
  • Robert Taylor, Director, Academic and Research Technologies, Information Technology
  • Joel Trammell, Associate Dean of Facilities and Planning, WCAS
  • Paul Weller, Director, Facilities Planning, Facilities Management and Chair, Subcommittee on Classroom Utilization
  • Ken Woo, Director for Information Technology, School of Continuing Studies

Ex-Officio Members

  • Jessica Abrams, Manager of Construction Projects, Phase I, Facilities Management
  • Amy Sue Bassett, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost

Classroom Committee Reports

2012 - 2013 2005 - 2006
2011 - 2012 2004 - 2005
2010 - 2011 2003 - 2004
2009 - 2010 2002 - 2003
2008 - 2009 2001 - 2002
2007 - 2008 2000 - 2001
2006 - 2007 1999 - 2000

Classroom Reservations

For classroom reservation policies and procedures, visit the Office of the Registrar's classroom scheduling page.

To view photos of the Evanston campus general purpose classrooms, visit the Facilities Management Classroom Catalog.

For all classroom reservations (both campuses), visit the University's Room and Event System (RES).

Classroom Quality Standards

The University is committed to maintaining its classrooms in a state of readiness for teaching and learning. This includes both regular custodial services to the room itself, attention to the repair of the desks, chairs, lights, shades, and other classroom equipment, and ensuring that all special equipment such as overhead projectors, screens, and other audio-visual equipment are in proper working order. Please help us maintain an optimal teaching and learning environment at Northwestern by promptly reporting broken equipment or other issues with classroom cleanliness.

For Evanston Campus Classrooms, call Facilities Management at (847) 491-5201 or e-mail For Northwestern University Smart Classrooms, call (847) 467-7666 or e-mail

Full information on classroom policies and reservations can be found on the Registrar Classroom Utilization Policies web page.