Agent of Change: Summer Online TND

Agent of Change is required for all incoming students (both freshmen and transfer students). Failure to complete Agent of Change will result in a hold being placed on your account for Fall registration.

Agent of Change will be open and must be completed between August 15-September 5 

The Northwestern community is committed to preventing all forms of violence and promoting a culture of healthy sexuality and relationships through education, support services, and accountability. Each and every community member has a unique role to play, and contribution to make, towards creating a culture that does not accept sexual and relationship violence. Cultural change occurs by many community members challenging the behaviors and attitudes which support individuals in perpetrating violence; this includes rape supportive and sexist language, rigid attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and gender, and a lack of active bystanders. Agent of Change will show you how to play an active role in creating positive cultural change.

To complete Agent of Change you will need to access the course through Canvas.

1. Log in to the Canvas using your NetID and NetID password. The most common format of a NetID is a combination of three letters (often related to your name) and three numbers. Your NetID is different from your seven-digit student ID number. 

*If you are having trouble with your NetID, visit the NUIT “NetID” page for more information and help.

2. The “Agent of Change” course should appear in the Canvas Dashboard, as well as the “Courses” tab in the navigation pane on the left-hand side of the browser window.

*For best results, it is recommended that you use a laptop or desktop computer to complete Agent of Change, as well as Chrome or Firefox as your browser.  

3. Agent of Change is organized into 10 scenarios, or modules, which must be completed in sequential order.  You will be able to move through at your own pace, but it is not recommended to stop in the middle of a scenario, as your completion may not be properly tracked.

4. Each scenario is a combination of video content and prompts that you must enter a response to. Once you have reached the final page for each scenario, you will be directed to move on to the next scenario by using the red “X” in the upper right hand corner of the content window. It is important that you do not use the back button, or navigate away from the page before clicking the red “X,” as your completion of the scenario may not be properly tracked.

5. Any other important tips, directions, or announcements will be available through the Canvas Agent of Change course page.

Contact CARE at, if you have any questions or concerns.