Agent of Change: Summer Online TND

Required for all incoming students (both freshmen and transfer students)

Must be completed between August 15-September 5

Sexual violence and relationship violence are not uncommon in our society, and college campuses are no exception. The Northwestern community is committed to preventing all forms of violence and promoting a culture of healthy sexuality and relationships through education, support services, and accountability. We believe each member of our community can contribute to a culture in which violence is not accepted. Agent of Change will show you how.

The interactive program takes about an hour to complete, and registration information is below.  For more information about sexual violence and relationship violence prevention and response at Northwestern, visit the Center for Awareness, Response, and Education (CARE) website

To complete Agent of Change please visit the registration website and then follow the steps below.

1. Click "Click here to get started"

2. Type in your name and your Northwestern Email

3. Your unique ID is your 7 digit numerical student ID number*

4. Create a username and password

5. Complete Agent of Change!

* To access your Student ID

  1. Go to CAESAR
  2. Click "Main Menu"
  3. Click "Personal Profile"
  4. Click "View My Student ID"

**For International Students from China/students spending their summer in China

- You may be unable to access Agent of Change while in China.  Your deadline to complete will be pushed back to September 19, 2016.