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Northwestern Professors


Kate Masur: Associate Professor

Connection to Book: "Kate Masur (Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2001) is a historian of the United States. Examining the intersections of law, politics, and everyday life, her work explores how Americans grappled with questions of race and equality after the abolition of slavery in both the North and South."

Susan J. Pearson: Associate Professor

Connection to Book: "Susan J. Pearson (Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2004) is an historian of the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century United States. She is particularly interested in the cultural politics of reform, the expansion of the state and forms of governance, and the development of American liberalism."

Legal Studies

Joanna Grisinger: Associate Professor of Instruction, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Connection to Book: Teaches "Legal and Constitutional History of the United States: Colonial Period to 1850" in Legal Studies Department.

Political Science

Benjamin I. Page: Gordon Scott Fulcher Professor of Decision Making

Connection to Book: Department strengths include American Political Development; Public Opinion, Political Communication, and Political Participation; Law and Politics; Political Parties; and Comparative Historical Analysis.

Alvin Bernard Tillery, Jr.: Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Also African American Studies)

Connection to Book: "Alvin B. Tillery, Jr.'s research and teaching interests are in the fields of American politics and political theory. His research in American politics focuses on American political development, racial and ethnic politics and media and politics. His research in political theory focuses on American political thought and critical race theory."

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