Programs and Services

Off-Campus Life Services


Places4Students”—An NU partner-service for:  apartment finding, landlord posting properties, student sublet postings and a roommate-finding site.

Informational services—Individual consultations regarding Off-Campus landlord/tenant/city/general issues, Off-Campus website resources, Off-Campus listserv email, quarterly presentations on Off-Campus living tips, resources and services.

Practical Living skills—“Before You Sign Your Lease”, “Roommate Agreement Checklist”, “Moving-In tips”, “Housing Safety tips”, “Renter’s Insurance”, “Subletting Your Apartment tips”, “Moving Out tips”

Off-Campus Ambassadors—peer to peer resource staff/email, Off-Campus Life Facebook site, Fall ‘Welcome Back’ events, quarterly virtual/social events and Off-Campus BBQs

Community building and outreach—“Meet Your Neighbors”, Evanston/NU “Community Conversations” open sessions, “Knocks & Talks” and a ASG’s Housing Fair partner.