Off-Campus Advisory Board


Evanston is a perfect setting for a school like Northwestern. The wonderful citizens, thriving commercial areas and beautiful landscape are all assets to the University. Many students choose to move off-campus and into Evanston or the Chicago-metro area during their time at Northwestern. These students, representing over half of the undergraduate population and the majority of the graduate population, have specific concerns and issues not shared by students living in University housing. Therefore, an Off-Campus Advisory Board has been formed to assist the administration in addressing these issues. This board will play an important role in tackling the problems facing students as they move off-campus, as well as general issues pertaining to Northwesternʼs relationship with its host municipality.

Role of the Committee

The Off-Campus Advisory Board will serve in two primary responsibilities. First, they shall act as an advisory body to the Director of Off-Campus Life, Dean of Students, Assistant Dean of Students, Vice President of Student Affairs and other relevant administrators in all matters pertaining to Off-Campus issues. The OCAB shall be available for consultation on these topics as well as provided with adequate channels to convey group concerns to administrators. Second, they will comprise a working group actively addressing projects with the potential to improve Off-Campus life. Projects may include organization of off-campus oriented events, assisting in the creation of off-campus resources, and publicity to the student body.

Primary Issues

The primary issues to be addressed by the OCAB include:

  • Housing - search process, standards, compliance with ordinances/laws
  • Conduct and Neighbor relations - noise, parties/tailgates, trash management
  • Safety and transportation - lighting, police presence, shuttle routes, SafeRide
    • Ethan Merel (WCAS '13)
    • Shoshannah Feinberg (MS HigherEd)
    • Roman Kazantsev (PhD Chem)
  • 2012-13 OCAB Members:

    If you have any questions, would like get in contact with a board member, or are interested in becoming involved with the board, email us at