Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the Peace - City of Evanston (Ordinance 9-5-6)

No person shall disturb or destroy the peace of the neighborhood through boisterous behavior or behavior that is [dangerous] to health in which the building or premises is situated.

Other Notes

Neighbors tolerance of noise and large disturbances decreases exponentially as it gets later in the evening/early morning hours.  Student parties and social gatherings can create large disturbances throughout the neighborhood.  Some examples cited that are particularly disruptive are stereos and amplified music, people being outside or on porches, and the noise created by groups coming and going from the party throughout the neighborhood (especially late at night).  Yelling & screaming (even loud talking), particularly after dark, is very disruptive.   Traveling in packs and large groups often adds to the noise and nuisance level.  The use of alcohol generally contributes to excessive noise and disruptions.