Dillo Day

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Dillo Day is one of the most exciting days of the year at Northwestern! (For more event information, visit Mayfest's Dillo Day web page).  It is also a time when students can get into difficulty if they are not being safe or being aware of the rules. 

Being Safe

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Tips for Safety & Success on Dillo Day
  • Food & Water -- Being well-fed and hydrated is essential. There are numerous options for food and drink:
    • Waterbottle refilling station at the lakefil
    • Food trucks (sale items) at the lakefil
    • IFC/PHA free pancake breakfast at 9am at the Kellogg building
    • Free pizza at the lakefil at 2:30pm
  • Transportation - Use Saferide and Dillo Day Shuttle Busses.


Responsible Action Protocol

Responsible Action Protocol Information - Students who assist others in an emergency face no formal conduct action for their own alcohol or drug use if they: call 911, stay with the person needing assistance and cooperate with emergency and university officals**Students who assist others in an emergency (including alcohol or drug overdoses) generally face no disciplinary action for their own infractions.** For more information see our Responsible Action Protocol (RAP) page.

Just remember to:

  • Call 911 first!
  • Stay with the person needing assistance.
  • Cooperate with emergency & university officials.
  • Medical Assistance - Medical assistance is nearby with several ambulances on the lakefill.

Be Aware

  • Review the "Party and Social Hosting Tips" when planning a gathering.
  • Underage Drinking - It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or drink alcohol. It is an additional offense to furnish a fake ID in order to purchase alcohol. Please remember that these violations have serious consequences with the University and the City of Evanston. Alcohol citations carry a minimum fee of $500 in Evanston.
  • Open Container of alcohol in the public way (sidewalks, streets and parks) is prohibited by Evanston law. If a guest with an open container of alcohol steps onto a sidewalk or street, the Police can use that offense as reasonable cause to search your gathering, possibly resulting in additional tickets for you and your guests. Make every effort to keep your guests on your property and out of trouble.
  • Noise is the biggest complaint from Evanston residents on Dillo Day. Please be mindful of the neighbors with whom we share the neighborhoods in our community.
  • You Are Responsible for Your Guests - Students may be held responsible for acts of misconduct by their visitors and guests.
  • Serving Alcohol to guests under 21 years of age is illegal--see the IL Social Host Law.
  • Disturbing The Peace can result in a citation, which includes having amplified sound. Noise is enforced especially after 11pm.

Staying Out of Trouble

Northwestern University Police Cruiser

  • Talk To Your Neighbors - give your neighbors a heads-up about your party with a start-time and end-time.
  • Cleaning Up Trash - You are expected to have all trash cleaned up by 10am the next morning. Violations can result in citations from the City.
  • Review the student conduct site for expectations on Dillo Day.