Off-Campus Living Budget

Bite NightPlan Your Budget

Use a monthly budget spreadsheet (EXCEL.xls) to keep your expenses in check! Keep the following items in mind when planning your overall budget each month:

  1. Tuition/fees, books, & supplies
  2. Rent & renter's insurance
  3. Utilities, cable, internet, water, garbage and recycling (some of these may be included in your monthly rent payment)
  4. Lease fees (i.e. application fees, processing fees, security deposits, move-in)
  5. Phone bills
  6. Groceries or meal plan
  7. Transportation costs – gas, car maintenance, insurance, parking or bus/train passes
  8. Personal expenses (clothing, fun)
  9. Savings for unexpected emergencies

Managing Your Finances

Need some additional help when considering your overall financial basics? Here are some financial quick tips when you have questions about keeping up your financial health.