Moving Out

student carrying boxes to move outMoving out can be a multiple-day operation. Besides just moving your stuff out though, you should keep the following items in mind.

  • Take Photos - having photos of how the property looks as you are moving out can be important during disputes over the return of a security deposit.
  • Terminate Utility Accounts - if you have utility accounts in your name, make sure you call to disassociate yourself with the property so the bills are not in your name.
  • Moving? Don't Forget to ChangeYour Address - if you have recently moved, or about to move, please update your contact information by visiting here:
  • Lock All Doors and Windows - make sure the property is secure before you leave so any damages after you moved out are not your responsibility.
  • Summer Storage? Shipping things home? Check out these NU preferred vendors for all of your on and off campus summer storage and shipping options.
  • Moving out?  Wondering what to do with all your extra stuff? Northwestern is committed to taking appropriate steps to minimize our impact on the natural environment. To help in this effort, learn more about recycling options.
  • Dispose of Large Items Properly - While moving out, you may have large items you do not want to take with you or sell. If so, you need to call the City of Evanston at 311 (or 847.448.4311 if calling from a number outside the city) or contact them at this Evanston City website to have these items disposed of. The City normally charges a small fee.