Study Abroad Office

Mission or Purpose

The Study Abroad Office enriches the NU student experience by providing diverse educational opportunities that shape how students think about themselves, their communities and the world. Before, during and after their time abroad, the office helps students integrate international experience into their undergraduate careers.

Program Description

In more than a dozen countries spanning four continents, NU summer study abroad programs offer unique opportunities for exploration, study, and engagement in diverse contexts.


Students who have completed at least one year of study at Northwestern and fulfill the academic and language requirements for their program are eligible to apply.

Application Information

For more information on the program and how to apply, visit the Study Abroad website

Student Testimonial

"This program was unique in how it explored renewable technology: by bringing us to a location at the forefront of the field. Energy policy will be important no matter what you'll do with your life, so it helps to understand it." -Jesse Lee, 2012

Contact Information

Study Abroad Office
Phone: 847-467-6400