Summer Field Studies Program

Mission or Purpose

The Summer Field Studies Program of the School of Education and Social Policy is a nine-week internship program open to all Northwestern undergraduates. Located in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., or Chicago, this summer program provides an excellent learning opportunity for students to develop leadership by holding a position with a political, public interest, research or educational organization.

Program Description

Students complete a substantive internship over a 9-week summer period. Interning 4 days/week (generally Mon - Thurs) and 30 hours/week, students take daily ethnographic field notes about their experiences and discuss and analyze those experiences in seminar on Fridays. At the end of the practicum students write a research paper on a topic relevant to their experience and interests. Examples of areas in which students complete their practical experiences include education, government, non-profit, consulting, etc.


Students must be in their Sophomore or Junior year of school. Prior to participating in the field studies, students must have successfully completed the course Methods of Observing Human Behavior (SESP 372).

Contact the SESP practicum director either via email or by phone (847-491-5383) to set up an appointment to meet.

Student Testimonial

"I truly value my practicum experience. I was able to gain valuable knowledge concerning resumes, interviews, and searching for jobs. My supervisor and the entire staff valued my opinions and ideas, and helped me to build upon exisiting skills and develop new ones that are transferrable to the next opportunity I come across. I was able to take what I learned in the classroom and see it in action in the real world." - Student Name Class of 2013

Contact Information

Summer Fields Studies Program
Phone: 847-491-5383