Office of Fellowships

Mission or Purpose

Picture of Kelly and JacobThe Office of Fellowships can help you navigate fellowship competitions that meet your educational, intellectual, and personal needs. Fellowships fall into many categories. Some provide funding to attend school; others allow you to study or to conduct research overseas to gain practical experience in your field of study.


Program Description

Fellowships for the summer are diverse. Some fund immersive language study or traditional study abroad programs, while others underwrite public service and mentored research projects. Sharing your interests and goals with the Office of Fellowships is a great way to identify summer opportunities that can enhance your Northwestern education and professional development. Also, most fellowships pay better than a lot of summer jobs that don't involve illegal activities.


Eligibility varies from fellowship to fellowship, but students of all years and all schools are likely to be eligible for and interested in one or more summer awards.

Application Instructions

Different fellowships have different application procedures. The Office of Fellowships guides students through all aspects of the process—from brainstorming and revising written materials to rehearsing for interviews.

Student Testimonial

"This summer, I worked with a team of young Rwandans to address poverty in Kigali's public hospitals. Together, we developed the construction of a sustainable soup kitchen, and the implementation of an educational program that selects and trains Rwanda's brightest secondary school students to address social constraints in hospitals across the country. The Gemura Kitchen will have the capacity to serve two meals to 700 to 1000 hospital patients every day, but more importantly, it will function as a symbol for advocacy to push the government to require hospitals to serve food to patients." 100 Projects for Peace Winner (2011)

Contact Information

Office of Fellowships
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