How To Sessions

Below is the schedule (subject to change) for the How To Sessions being presented at SummerFest from 12:30pm-3:20pm on the 2nd Floor of Norris University Center. For more details please read through the SummerFest 2013 Program Booklet (PDF).

Students are welcome to attend any and all of the sessions which will last 20 minutes. Sessions are designed to help you be better prepared for your applications and to achieve your goals of doing something meaningful over the summer.


  • How to Put Together a Resume (This session will repeat at 3:00pm), Rock Room
  • How to Write a Research Grant Proposal, Arch Room


  • How F1 Students Can Take Care of CPT, Rock Room
  • How to Ask Someone for a Letter of Recommendation (This session will repeat at 3:00pm), Arch Room


  • How to Get Involved with Faculty Research, Rock Room
  • Using CareerCat Effectively for your Internship Search, Arch Room


  • How to Set Yourself Up for a NEXT Externship, Rock Room
  • Interview Survival: Responding to 'So, tell me about yourself...', Arch Room


  • Summer Strategies for Future Health Professionals, Rock Room
  • How to Navigate Northwestern CareerNet, Arch Room


  • How to Put Together a Resume, Rock Room
  • How to Ask Someone for a Letter of Recommendation, Arch Room