Northwestern Staff Advisory Council


Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council members are appointed for a three-year term. They may be reappointed for a second and final three-year term. After one term off the Council, they may apply to re-join the Council, but they cannot serve more than two terms in a row.

2015-2016 NUSAC Executive Committee

Tracey Gibson-Jackson - NUSAC Chair
Rhea Banks - NUSAC Vice Chair
Pamela Euring - NUSAC Secretary
Lot Bercasio - NUSAC Treasurer

2015-2016 NUSAC General Council

Rhea Banks
Lot Bercasio
Simone Cavallaro
Kimberley Cornwell
  • Kimberley Cornwell
  • Assistant Director of External Programs, Internships, & Career Services (EPICS) - School of Communication
Susan Corwith
  • Susan Corwith
  • Human Resources Committee Chair
  • Associate Director, Center for Talent Development - School of Education & Social Policy
Pamela Euring
  • Pamela Euring
  • NUSAC Secretary
  • Senior Contract and Grant Officer, Office for Sponsored Research
Janelle Gaudio
Tracey Gibson-Jackson
  • Tracey Gibson-Jackson
  • NUSAC Chair
  • Assistant Director of Student Organizations - Theatre and Performing Arts, Norris University Center Administration
Jonathan Greene
Susan Held
  • Susan Held
  • Benefits Committee Chair
  • Systems Analyst - IT Administrative Systems Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration
Jeff Henderson
  • Jeff Henderson
  • Assistant Director Marketing and Communications, Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN), Office for Research
Erica Honeywood
Julia Jenkins
Michael Martinez
Melanie Mkrdichian
Toni Montgomery
Heather Obering
Melissa Passalacqua
Joseph Schafer
Tina Shontz
  • Tina Shontz
  • Outreach Committee Chair
  • Executive Assistant to the Chair, Department of Preventive Medicine - Feinberg School of Medicine
Thongsy Singvongsa
  • Thongsy Singvongsa
  • Senior Research Administrator, Department of Preventive Medicine - Feinberg School of Medicine
Jennifer Sloane
Avni Soni
Stephen Tilley
Kay West