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Career Advancement Workshop - November 2013

On November 19, 2013 (CH) and November 21,2013 (EV) the Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council (NUSAC) and the Office of Human Resources hosted workshops for staff on career development. Interest in the event was phenomenal; there were over 100 participants in attendance. The workshops provided a unique opportunity for staff to talk with Human Resources staff in a small-group setting about issues related to career growth and job satisfaction at Northwestern.

Roundtable discussions covered a range of topics: conducting internal job searches, identifying the best professional development resources, and using social media effectively and appropriately for career advancement. Many of the resources presented at the workshop can be found on the Office of Human Resources website at http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/. In particular, staff should be sure to check out the Careers web page, which includes a helpful Job Search Resource Guide: http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/careers/index.html.  Copies of the handouts provided in the small group sessions and during the presentation can also be found at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the roundtable sessions, the workshop included a presentation from Anniese Lemond, Director of Compensation. Lemond shared recent research that is informing the work of the Compensation division on factors related to job satisfaction: the opportunity to use one’s skills and abilities, having job security, and receiving fair compensation. Lemond also reviewed the work being done to develop job families—part of an effort to promote parity and help staff members see a clear, direct path to growth and advancement at NU. The task of developing job families across departments and within career categories is a challenging one that has already spanned many months and remains a work in progress. But, progress is steady and the result is clearly defined positions that help both managers and employees with professional development, job expectations and appropriate compensation. Information about the job families that have been developed and issues around compensation in general can be found online at http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/compensation/index.html. Lemond’s PowerPoint presentation is available online here.

Please watch for additional workshop opportunities on career development in the coming months and years. If you were not able to participate in the Career Development workshops in Fall 2013, be sure to visit the Careers website for information and resources. If you have specific questions or areas of interest related to career development at Northwestern, please contact a Human Resources consultant: http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/about/directory.html. They are eager to work with you!

Workshop Materials