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About NUSAC - Constitution and Bylaws

In light of our 40 year anniversary, NUSAC has decided to take the opportunity to solicit feedback from Northwestern's 7000+ employees about the role of the council on campus. NUSAC is governed by a set of by-laws which guide its ability to act. A special committee has been created in 2012 to craft by-laws which will best allow NUSAC the flexibility, continued longevity and continual re-invigoration of staff members drawn from throughout the University to strive to be an asset to staff and an integral part in University planning. Any staff wishing to contribute ideas or comments should communicate with NUSAC via nusac@northwestern.edu or by contacting a NUSAC Council Member directly. 

President's Charge to Northwestern University Staff Adivsory Council (NUSAC)

The Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council (NUSAC or Council) is composed of staff, appointed by the President or his/her representative, from among the exempt and non-exempt staff of the University.  It serves an important function for communication between the University’s administration and the staff.  The Council’s primary liaison shall be with the Associate Vice President of the Department of Human Resources.  The Department of Human Resources shall provide, from its resources and budget, a reasonable amount of support for the Council’s activities.  The functions of the Council are as follows:

  • To work with the Associate Vice President of the Department of Human Resources, the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance, and the President, in hearing and reviewing staff concerns and interests.
  • To serve as a “sounding board” for Central Administration on proposed actions and programs that will affect the staff. 
  • To initiate suggestions for improvements in the staff relations of the University and to help bring to the attention of Central Administration useful ideas that may originate from within the staff.
  • To recommend to the President staff members who can serve as appointees on other University committees where such appointments are appropriate.
  • To serve, in general, to help make Northwestern’s educational community an efficient, fulfilling and attractive environment for employment.

Statement of Purpose

Four groups of individuals comprise Northwestern University—students, faculty, staff and alumni.  Before the inception of NUSAC, decision-making that affected all members of the University community excluded the staff.  In order to facilitate enlightened decision making, the Northwestern University Staff Advisory Council participates, assists, and advises in decision-making processes affecting the staff’s relationship with the larger University community.  

Constitution and Bylaws (DOC)