Special Events

Finals Week Exam Relief

Exam Relief-therapy miniature horses

Every finals week Norris hosts Exam Relief! Norris will help keep you motivated during your studies with free late-night breakfasts, hot drinks, and fun events and activities like massages, gaming, and miniature ponies (sometimes you just need to hug a pony). Please stop by, relax, and refuel for your finals! Check out our Exam Relief schedule in the weeks before exams to see where to go and when to be there!

Stay motivated during your studies with:

  • Free late-night breakfasts
  • Midnight Free Coffee and Tea
  • Massages
  • Free Coke Products
  • Free Ice Cream
  • Free Popcorn and Gaming- Norris Game Room
  • Miniature Horses!
  • 24/7 study space and FREE PRINTING on the ground floor of Norris

Please stop by, relax, and refuel for your finals!

Dittmar Opening Night

Dittmar Opening Night

For each exhibit hosted at Dittmar, we host a special evening of discussion with the artist as well as refreshments and entertainment. Check out our current exhibits page for more information.