Words & Images

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Acting and Character Creation (6 weeks)

Instructor: Steven Fischer

  • Thursdays, 6:00-7:30 PM, January 25 - March 8*
  • *Please note this Mini Course will not meet on February 15th
  • Fee: $81 NU/ $91 Public

This course is an introduction to acting to experience how performance, movement, body, voice, etc. can be used to generate character performance ideas. The course will be used to help students create and build well-rounded characters for original stories they will produce in class. Characterization, delivery, timing, expression, motivation, body language, and posture will be studied through improvisation exercises, storytelling activities, observation studies, and by examining the work of master actors. 

Introduction to Cartoon Storytelling (6 weeks)

Instructor: Steven Fischer

  • Tuesdays, 6:00-7:30PM, January 23 - February 27
  • Fee: $81 NU/ $91 Public

Learn the basics of cartooning, storytelling, and creativity. Participants use cartooning to create original characters and personal stories. This course is ideal for anyone interested in the art of cartooning, learning effective visual communication skills, and those interested in taking their creativity to the next level. Our objective is to create and complete and original story with original characters. Make sure your pencils are sharpened; you'll be drawing a lot!

The Art of Public Speaking (6 weeks)

Instructor: Megan Miskiewicz

  • Mondays, 5:30-7:00PM, January 22 - February 26
  • Fee: $81 NU/ $91 Public

In this course students will learn and practice the art of public speaking. We will study how to craft an extemporaneous speech with an equal emphasis on content and style. Each week the course will combine specific learning objectives with actual speaking practice.