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American Sign Language (6 weeks)

Instructor: Annmarie Mead

  • 5:00-7:00PM, Thursdays, June 29 - August 10*
    • In observation of the holiday, courses will not run July 6.
  • Fee: $71 NU / $81 Public
  • Location: 301 Alumni Room, 3rd floor Norris Student Center

American Sign Language (ASL) is the fourth most used language in the United States today, and it is the native language of the Deaf in America. The American Deaf work, play, and go to school in a variety of settings in which they have no communication with their fellow workers, or supervisors. This class will provide a hands-on learning environment that will allow the student to learn vocabulary, to produce the signs accurately, to use the signs in appropriate contexts, to understand the signs of others, and to understand the culture of the adult who is deaf.  This course enables the student to acquire basic conversational sign langauge skills, discusses deaf awareness and the different systems of signed communciation. *Please note, this course will not meet on July 6. 

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Beginning French with the Music of Stromae (6 weeks)

Instructor: Morgan Peacock

  • 6:30-8:00PM, Wednesdays, June 28-August 9*
    • In observation of the holiday, courses will not run July 4-5.
  • Fee: $71 NU / $81 Public
  • Location: 103 Chicago, 1st Floor Norris Student Center

This course will introduce students with little or no French background to the language through French hip hop/pop artist Stromae's music by observing and learning the slang and cultural context of his songs. Beginning with the alphabet and moving on to vocabulary, basic grammatical structures, and fun cultural perspective, this course is an engaging way to learn the language. *Please note, this course will not meet on July 5. 

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