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Kellogg Partners with AAMG to Pilot Leadership Training Program

Leadership seminar to take place June 24 to 29 at Northwestern University

October 6, 2011 | by Judy Moore

EVANSTON, Ill. --- The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries’ motto states that "Great Universities Have Great Museums." According to a study recently undertaken by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, great academic museums and galleries cannot exist without strong, visionary and articulate leaders. 

Recognizing that academic museum and gallery leadership is a distinguished field with particular and growing challenges, the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG) has partnered with the Kellogg School of Management’s Center for Nonprofit Management at Northwestern University to offer a summer 2012 program in field leadership for current museum heads. The seminar will take place June 24 to 29 at Northwestern.

According to AAMG President Jill Hartz, “The program is designed to inspire, stretch and challenge current field practices. Participants should expect to leave the seminar with broadened leadership and management perspectives, new paradigms for thinking about the multifaceted roles and intrinsic value of academic museums and galleries, and renewed enthusiasm for their chosen profession.”

The weeklong seminar -- with significant underwriting from the prestigious Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Samuel H. Kress Foundation -- is aimed at providing learning opportunities appropriate for directors, deputy/associate/assistant directors, and director-curators of academic museums and galleries of all sizes, in all collecting fields, and leaders at all career stages. Attendees will continue to dialogue with Kellogg faculty following the program on a dedicated LISTSERV. 

The seminar's goal is to strengthen the already strong and impressive leadership of our nation's academic museums and galleries in light of their special institutional natures and current and ongoing challenges to the field, including the complex governance and advisory board structures under which academic museums function; unresolved legal issues surrounding the preservation versus capitalization of academic collections and the complexities of successful fundraising and fiscal management within the strictures of parent organizations.

“The AAMG/Kellogg program is unique for its focus on leadership training for academic museums,” said Seminar Director David Alan Robertson. “The AAMG/Kellogg curriculum has been guided by several noted academic museum directors and will be taught by tenured Kellogg/Northwestern faculty members and selected adjunct faculty members from the field.”

“The Kellogg faculty will help a select group of talented and promising participants to think out of the proverbial ‘museum box,’ and devise new and creative leadership and management paradigms,” said Liz Livingston Howard, associate director of Kellogg’s Center for Nonprofit Management.

About the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University was founded in 1908 and is widely recognized as a global leader in management education. The school, based just outside of Chicago, is home to a renowned, research-based faculty and MBA students from around the globe. The Kellogg School’s academic portfolio includes the Full-Time, Part-Time and Executive MBA programs, the Ph.D. Program and the non-degree Executive Education Program.

Kellogg’s Center for Nonprofit Management helps leaders meet ongoing challenges in order to manage their institutions in the most effective way. The center caters to senior-level managers with strategic responsibility for the improvement and growth of nonprofit organizations, regardless of their size.

About the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG)

The AAMG is the leading educational and professional organization for academic museums, galleries and collections, representing the nation’s 2,250 academic museums and galleries.  The association has a growing membership of more than 900 supporting individual, institutional, student and corporate members and communicates with over 2,900 active professionals in the field through daily postings and dialogue via its vibrant LISTSERV, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Additionally, the AAMG holds a thematically focused Annual Conference directly preceding the American Association of Museums Annual Meeting for AAMG members to exchange ideas and experiences and to network.

For more information about the seminar, visit http://aamg-us.org/index-new.php. For more on AAMG, visit http://aamg-us.org/leadership/

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