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Around the World in Ten Weeks

Circumnavigator’s Travel-Study Award sends McCormick junior on global research trip

February 14, 2011
EVANSTON, Ill. --- Benjamin Shorofsky, a junior in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University, has received the 2011 Circumnavigators Travel-Study Award to explore sustainability initiatives around the world.

Offered jointly by the Office of the Provost and the Circumnavigator’s Club Foundation, the $9,000 award funds a ten-week global summer research trip. The recipient must visit at least five countries on three continents.

Shorofsky, a civil and environmental engineering major, plans to study sustainable practices in developing and developed countries including Ecuador, Ghana, England, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates and Indonesia. He will compare how sustainability initiatives are organized, sustained and funded between wealthy and poorer nations.

“This is a very special award because the opportunity to do a large-scale comparative study like this is very rare -- even for faculty members,” said Peter Civetta, coordinator of undergraduate research grants and assistant to the associate provost for undergraduate education.

When Shorofsky returns to campus, he will focus on finding solutions for sustainable development that helps to reduce poverty and protect the environment.

“Ben is passionate about his proposal, and that is very important to the selection committee,” Civetta said. “They want to give the award to someone who is going to make the world better.”

To apply for the grant, students must submit a research proposal that includes a detailed travel itinerary. Recipients of the award must travel alone, and they must circle the globe.

The Circumnavigators Club Foundation partners with universities across the country to offer this scholarship. However, Northwestern is the only school to partially fund the grant and, therefore, award it each year.

The Circumnavigators Club Foundation was established in 1964 as a philanthropic and educational organization to enable members of the Circumnavigators Club to provide financial support to programs that further the Club's mission of improving international relations through friendship and understanding.

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