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Northwestern Landscapers Recognized for Green Thumb

Abbott Garden on the Chicago campus honored with a Mayor Daley Landscape Award

December 9, 2009
Abbott Garden in bloom.
CHICAGO - For the second year in a row, Abbott Garden, on the Chicago Campus, received a Mayor Daley Landscape Award. This year's award for second place was received during a Nov. 14 ceremony; last year, the garden earned a third-place ranking. "It is an honor to be recognized among all the landscapes in the city, particularly in our region, with high-profile properties along Lake Shore Drive," said Tim Spahn, grounds services supervisor. He oversees the Superior Street garden with Ann Ziegelmaier, landscape architect. The award acknowledges Chicagoans who make the city green through environmental beautification efforts. "It is a huge effort from the landscape department to create this lovely space the community can enjoy," added Brian Kittle, facilities management assistant director of operations.