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Norris University Center Renames 'Big Ten' Rooms

December 12, 2006

EVANSTON, Ill. --- The “Big Ten” meeting rooms in the Norris University Center have new names that solely reflect Northwestern, as of Dec. 1.

“Over the years, people voiced dismay and disappointment that we were featuring competitor schools and honoring them in our facility,” said Richard Thomas, director of Norris. “We wanted to create a naming scheme that does more to recognize and honor Northwestern.”

The spaces, which used to be named after fellow Big Ten schools, are now officially renamed to promote Northwestern culture, history and landmarks. The new names are:  the Alumni Room, Arch Room, Rock Room, Armadillo Room, Lake Room, Scholars Room, 1851 Room, Wildcat Room, Evans Room, Chicago Room, Big Ten Room and Casbah Room.

“My staff brainstormed some ideas for the rooms but decided that the best scenario was to put it in the hands of the students and give them a voice in the process,” Thomas said.

The renaming process kicked off last Spring as a focus group comprised of 20 students came up with a long list of names they thought would be appropriate for consideration. The Norris Center advisory board further deliberated and whittled the list down to 12 names.

The Norris administration has installed signs around the building that list the old room names with the new names to help visitors transition into getting used to the changes. These signs will be on display for an extended period of time.

The room numbers assigned to each room have not been changed.

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