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Security Improvements Set for Two Music Buildings

March 7, 2006 | by Pat Vaughan Tremmel

Improvements in safety/security and lighting features are under way at the Music Administration Building and Regenstein Hall.

A Marlok keycard system will be installed to control access to the four external doors at the Music Administration Building. An authorized WildCARD (or an access card provided by the School of Music) will be required to use the system. Installation is scheduled to begin April 3 and be completed by April 7. This system is similar to the ones installed in the Music Practice Building and Regenstein Hall in recent years.

Plans also call for a campus phone to be installed at the north entrance, to facilitate entry for authorized visitors that may not have an access card.

Devices to limit openings on approximately 66 basement and first-floor windows will be installed starting March 20, to coincide with Spring Break week and to minimize disruption of classes. The devices will limit window openings to 5 inches.

As part of a lighting assessment at the Music Administration Building, a new exterior fixture was installed at the west entrance of the building at 711 Elgin Road. New light fixtures have been installed in the building’s north stairwell, and plans for better lighting for the second-floor and third-floor student lounges are underway.

A recently completed security survey conducted by University Police has provided recommendations for additional improvements that are under consideration for implementation.

At Regenstein Hall, 60 Arts Circle Drive, additional keycard access readers will be installed at the north entrance to the first-floor practice rooms, identical to the ones at the south entrance. This will allow the first floor to be restricted when the main building entrance is locked. An authorized WildCARD (or an access card provided by the School of Music) will be required to gain entrance.

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