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Largest New Student Class Brings Record Mean SAT

September 27, 2005

A total of 1,967 freshmen, along with 79 transfer students, began their academic careers at Northwestern Sept. 20, according to a preliminary count of students.

The Class of 2009 is one of the most talented classes academically to enter Northwestern. Their mean SAT score is 1402, the highest ever, and the mean class rank is at the 94th percentile, said Michael Mills, associate provost of university enrollment.

The class includes 120 Valedictorians and 77 Salutatorians. A total of 849 students were in the top 10 percent of their high school class.

The freshmen came from an applicant pool of 16,223, about the same as last year, and 514 of them enrolled under Early Decision -- about 26.1 percent of the class.

Freshmen from the United States represent a broad cross-section of the country, with geographic representation similar to last year. Approximately 43.3 percent are from the Midwest, including Illinois, with 22.9 percent of them from Illinois.

The total number of Midwest freshmen is 851. The breakdown of other geographic areas is 309 from the Middle Atlantic; 296 from the West; 192 from the South; 101 from New England; 81 from the Southwest; and 137 from overseas.

(The 6.9 percent of freshmen enrolled from overseas includes those students who hold foreign passports and who also live outside the United States, as well as U.S. citizens who are now living outside the U.S.)

The top five states sending the most students are Illinois (452), California (176), New York (115), Ohio (91) and New Jersey (88).

The class includes 1,019 females and 948 males. A total of 554 students -- 28.2 percent of the class -- reported minority backgrounds. They include 343 Asian American; 126 Hispanic/ Latino; and 125 African American. Total white enrollment is 1,173.

A total of 107 students are either multi-racial or did not check an ethnic identity on their application.

The enrollments by colleges and schools are:
• 1,064 in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
• 374 in the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
• 210 in the School of Communication
• 170 in the Medill School of Journalism
• 109 in the School of Music
• 40 in the School of Education and Social Policy

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