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As Dance Marathon Proceeds Rise, So Does ECF Share

September 8, 2005

The Evanston Community Foundation (ECF) has received $30,324.63 from Northwestern University’s student-run 31st Annual Dance Marathon.

ECF, Dance Marathon’s secondary beneficiary for the eighth consecutive year, received 7.5 percent of the net total of dollars raised during the spring event.

Last year, Dance Marathon raised $26,000 for the Evanston Community Foundation. It has contributed more than $200,000 to ECF in the past eight years, helping fund projects and programs proposed by local not-for-profit organizations serving Evanston.

The majority of the 500 dancers involved in the 2005 event were undergraduate students. Dance Marathon, one of the world’s largest collegiate philanthropies, has raised more than $6.5 million for various charities since it began in 1975.