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Campus Lighting Project Nears Completion

March 8, 2005

An extensive program of sidewalk lighting improvements on the Evanston campus is nearing completion.

Work began early in the winter quarter on installation of 14 additional light poles along the east side of Sheridan Road, 10 from the Jacobs Center to the Garrett parking lot and four from East Fairchild Hall to the south end of Campus Drive. In addition, five new pole lights are planned at Clark Street and Sheridan Road next to the Alumni Center at 1800 Sheridan Road and four at Church Street and Judson Avenue adjacent to the 405 Church Street building.

The installation of these lights must be reviewed by the City of Evanston Historic Planning Commission.

Additional sidewalk lighting is planned for later this spring along the east side of Sheridan Road, from South Tech Drive to Lincoln Street, with the installation of 21 new poles, according to Eric Youngquist, chief electrician for Facilities Management. Two new pole lights will be installed at the Sheridan-Hinman intersection and three will be installed at the Norris University west entrance.

The lighting project follows the installation last year of 26 new pole lights along the east side of Sheridan Road, from the Arch to the Jacobs Center and south to East Fairchild, and enhanced lighting along paths between the Jacobs Center, University Library and University Hall.

Meanwhile, new street lights have been installed by the City of Evanston in the neighborhood between Emerson Street on the south, Sheridan Road on the east, Central Street on the north and Ridge Avenue on the west.

Northwestern made a one-time contribution of $700,000 to the City of Evanston for the project, based on the University’s estimate of the approximate costs of improvements in the area that includes 52 University buildings.

“Improved lighting on campus and in the adjacent neighborhood has been and will continue to be a priority for the University,” said Eugene S. Sunshine, senior vice president for business and finance. 

The current lighting project on the Evanston campus has its roots in a University initiative dating back to 2003. The need for improved lighting in addition to earlier lighting improvement projects was identified in a safety walk with student leaders from the Women’s Coalition and Associated Student Government.

At that time, the University made plans for more campus lighting and urged the City of Evanston to move quickly with new street lighting on public property west of Sheridan Road.

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