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2004-05 Program Review Council and Subcommittees Appointed

January 4, 2005

Program review, now in its 19th year, is again underway with an ambitious schedule of reviews slated to take place.

Nineteen units organized into 16 groups will undergo program review during the 2004-05 year. This year marks the fifth year in the third cycle of reviews.

Initiated in 1985, program review is a mechanism for the systematic review and evaluation of all academic and administrative units of the University. The overall purpose of program review has remained unchanged since its inception: to assess program quality and effectiveness and to stimulate program planning and improvement. Program review provides an opportunity for all members of an administrative or academic unit to engage in thoughtful self-reflection about the unit’s mission, challenges, emerging opportunities, and to refine its strategic course in light of these.

With input from the Program Review Council subcommittees and external reviewers, the central administration has relied upon and successfully used program review as a key method for ensuring that excellent units can sustain their high level of performance and improve and for identifying and aiding problematic units. Summaries of the program reviews are shared with members of the University’s senior and line administration and Board of Trustees, but are otherwise kept confidential within the respective units.

Program review is overseen by the Program Review Council, an appointed steering committee comprised of senior faculty and administrators who each serve a three-year term and also serve as chairs of the individual review subcommittees. The Council is appointed based upon a slate of potential members recommended by the GFC Committee on Committees, the deans, and other administrative officers. The Program Review Council is representative of the various disciplinary and administrative interests within the University, but not all units in any single year are represented. Individual subcommittee members are appointed for one year for the specific review on which they are asked to serve. Each year, a member of the Council is also appointed to serve as chair. Robert L. McDonald, E. P. Nemmers Distinguished Professor, Kellogg Finance, chairs the Program Review Council for the 2004-05 year. Marilyn McCoy, vice president for administration and planning, serves as vice-chair of the Council. Mai Lin P. Noffke, director of Program Review, oversees and coordinates the program review process.

This year’s Program Review Council and subcommittee members for each unit are (note: PRC members whose names are in bold serve as subcommittee chairs):

Comparative Literary Studies: Ezra Getzler (chair), professor, mathematics; Linda P. Austern, associate professor, musicology; Ethan Shagan, associate professor, history

French and Italian: Kimberly A. Gray (chair), associate professor, civil and environmental engineering; Paul Breslin, professor, English; David Van Zanten, professor, art history

Spanish and Portuguese: Sara Monoson (chair), associate professor, political science and chair, classics; Josef Barton, associate professor, history; Devora Grynspan, director, Office of International Program Development, and lecturer, political science

German: James S. Ettema (chair), professor, communication studies; Scott Curtis, associate professor, radio/television/film; William Reno, associate professor, political science

Slavic Languages and Literatures: Charles F. Manski (chair), professor economics and Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research; Charlotte Cubbage, department head, University Library Reserve and Core; David L. Schoenbrun, associate professor, history

Program of African and Asian Languages and Multimedia Learning Center (reviewed jointly): Thomas A. Bauman (chair), professor, music academic studies; David E. Tolchinsky, associate professor, radio/television/film; David H. Uttal, associate professor, psychology and learning sciences

Medill School of Journalism: Jeffrey C. Miller (chair), senior executive associate dean and chief operating officer, Feinberg School; Justine Cassell, professor, communication studies and media, technology, and society; Richard P. Honack, chief marketing officer, Kellogg School

Kellogg School of Management Administration: Joseph T. Walsh (chair), professor, biomedical engineering, and associate dean for graduate studies and research; Asher Wolinsky, professor, economics; Rita B. Winters, associate dean for administration and finance, Law School

School of Law: Timothy K. Earle (chair), professor, anthropology; Stephanie M. Graham, deputy general counsel; Wesley G. Skogan, professor, political science and Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Ophthalmology: Kevin T. McVary, M.D. (chair), associate professor, urology; James F. Baker, M.D., professor, physiology and physical therapy and human movement science; William L. Lowe Jr., M.D., professor, endocrinology

Orthopaedic Surgery: Alan K. Cubbage (chair), vice president for University Relations; Jeffrey S. Vender, M.D., professor and associate chair, anesthesiology; Elliot J. Roth, M.D., Paul B. Magnuson Professor and chair, physical medicine and rehabilitation

Pathology: Thomas P. Green, M.D. (chair), Women’s Board Centennial Professor and chair, pediatrics; Mark A. Satterthwaite, A.C. Buehler Professor in Hospital and Health Services Management, Kellogg Management and Strategy; Sharon Stack, associate professor, cell and molecular biology

Pediatrics: Prem Kumar (chair), professor, electrical and computer engineering and physics and astronomy, and director, Center for Photonic Communication and Computing; Linda A. Hicke, associate professor, biochemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology; David D. McPherson, M.D., professor, cardiology

Preventive Medicine: Mary Hunzicker-Dunn (chair), professor, cell and molecular biology; Philip B. Messersmith, associate professor, biomedical engineering; Beverly A. Wright, associate professor, communication sciences and disorders

University Libraries Group (includes Galter Health Sciences Library, Pritzker Legal Research Center, and University Library): John M. Franks (chair), professor, mathematics; David S. Channin, M.D., associate professor, radiology; John P. Heinz, Owen L. Coon Professor, Law School; T. William Heyck, professor, history; Christopher K. Riesbeck, associate professor, computer science; David H. Zarefsky, Owen L. Coon Professor, communication studies

Athletics and Recreation: Jeff Manza (chair), associate professor, sociology, and Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research; Catherine L. Brinson, Jerome B. Cohen Professor, mechanical engineering; Christopher R. Taber, associate professor, economics; Leonard S. Rubinowitz, professor, law; Patricia T. Whalen, associate professor, integrated marketing communications

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