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Students attending the Business Law Conference 2011.

Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) is dedicated to lifelong learning and promotes inclusive excellence through its appreciation of diversity and creation of an inclusive learning environment. MSA provides resources and services that assist students in meeting their goals. Please visit our resources and services page to view offerings.

Year-round Programming – Tips iN Thirty (TNT) – 30 Minute Student Skills Workshops!

MSA Learning Programs is proud to offer Tips iN Thirty (TNT), a new way to develop your student group’s programming potential, capacity for growth, and development of skills pertinent to career planning, academics and leadership of your student group.

MSA Tips iN Thirty offers skill development to individual students and groups.TNT is a program that you can add on to your general or executive board meetings. An MSA staff member will work with you to generate an effective and useful program for your student group for 30 minutes to bolster the strength of the group surrounding these main areas:

  • Student Group Programming - students will learn how to program large and small events with ease. (suggested for executive boards with new members
  • Networking and Management of ones NU Network - students will learn how to take advantage of the vast network of resources, people, and services at Northwestern University. (suggested for student group members who are new to campus or want to acquire skills and strategies for effective networking)
  • Student Group Management - students will learn a variety of ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their student group. (suggested for all students and student groups)
  • Engaging Sensational Conversations - students will learn multiple strategies and tips for engaging in captivating conversations in various settings such as networking galas, career fairs, and speaking with administrators, personal contacts and faculty. (suggested for all students and student groups)
  • Student Group Academic Enrichment - students will learn about skills and strategies for academic success and will be able to request a tailored academic workshop in various subjects including (but not limited to) writing, study skills, time management, pre-professional coursework such as the natural sciences, and leadership. (suggested for all students and student groups)

If you are interested in a TNT workshop, please email msalearning@u.northwestern.edu with ; as the subject heading.

Pre-professional Student Group Advising

MSA Learning Programs also contributes to the advisement of MSA's pre-professional student groups. Provided under our Student Groups and Student Leadership site are helpful links for pre-professional student groups and program planning.

Need assistance in planning your program or event? These documents can help get you started. For more information, contact your advisor.

If you would like to apply for funding through MSA, please click HERE.