Academic Resources

Information Sessions

In conjunction with the Study Abroad Office, Office of Fellowships, Chicago Field Studies, and other departments, MSA hosts several information sessions throughout the year that highlight study abroad, fellowship, internship, and various other opportunities open to all students.

Campus Academic Resources

MSA offers various academic and study resources, one of them being plenty of study space at both house. Here, a student immerses herself in her books on the third floor.

Each school provides academic resources to its students. Please inquire within each department and school for more information.

Northwestern also offers a variety of academic, research and funding opportunities, many of them are listed here.

Campus Cultural Resources

Selected literature on culture, diversity, and ethnicity is available at the Multicultural Center (MCC) in Room 102 for in-house use.

Other cultural resources across campus:


MSA refers students to various offices across campus in order to provide students resources and opportunities appropriate for their academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, student group leadership, research plans, and overall success on campus. Some partners include Academic Advising Center, Office of Fellowships, Chicago Field Studies, Gateway Science Workshop, Center for Leadership, Center for Student Involvement (CSI), Northwestern Career Advancement and various academic departments.

Academic Grant

MSA provides students the opportunity to apply for grants toward academic facilitation/tutoring that focuses primarily on the introductory courses for the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Calculus, and Economics. (Click here for additional academic assistance not offered by MSA.) For more information on how to apply, please refer to the Academic Grant under MSA Grant Funding.